Gaetano’s Deli

Acorns were good until bread was found.” Francis Bacon


You Gae’s should go to Gaetano’s!

This Tuesday my Dad and I traveled to Gaetano’s Deli on 1886 Main Street Stratford, CT, 06615 (Tel: 203-377-8869) to pick up some huge Italian sandwiches.


Best thing I’ve seen hanging from a ceiling

Gaetano’s obtains its warm, pillowy breads from Arthur Avenue’s Addeo’s Bakery every morning!!!! When we arrived we noticed the large amounts of salami and aging cheeses hanging from the ceiling.


Kovac would have loved this sandwich- if I knew who Kovac was!

The place smelled like freshly sliced salami and garlicky, juicy roasted peppers. My dad ordered the Kovac’s Special Sandwich (a tender, succulent chicken cutlet with smooth fresh mozzarella, tangy roasted peppers with a good char to them, and juicy broccoli rabe spread over the top).


I want another!

I ordered the John Wayne without the fried eggplant. The John Wayne was paper-thin, savory prosciutto, awesome juice filled roasted peppers, creamy refreshing mozzarella doused in silky olive oil, and tangy balsamic vinegar.


This got squished in transit, but it still tasted good!

The sandwiches were fantastic and the soft, hot breads made them even more delicious. In addition to that we ordered a piping hot fried rice ball. The rice ball was crispy on the outside and oozing of fresh mozzarella on the inside. It also had fantastic peas and crumbly, spicy sausage mixed in.


The food was very good and the Deli looked very authentic. I would definitely go back for a humongous Italian sub. I would rate it ZZZV= 3 1/2 Z’s= Good!

If you want to view their menu take a look at http://www.gaetanosdeli.com



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