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Good Night and Good Zeats,

Asher Zelson


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  1. Hi Asher. I’m Wendy Rich and I was on the Road Food trip with you. I love what you wrote about it so far. I like your confidence and images in your descriptions.

  2. Hi Asher — it’s Mrs. Smith! I love your blog and can’t wait to keep following! You are an amazing writer and your reviews are great!!

  3. My mouth really began to water as I read – and I ate a very satisfying dinner so this speaks to your evocative descriptions. So clever and helpful to include photos, too, and I loved learning who joined you at your meals (it sets the scene better). I know a few places I need to try now, and I know even better how lucky I am to teach you. Really cool site. Thank you!

  4. Asher, you are fast becoming one of my top food critics. Given your curious love of travel, Anthony Bourdain had better watch out. Time to Zeat!

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