The Emperor of Ice Cream Takes The Crown!

This summer I had the absolute pleasure of working for the Emperor of Ice Cream, Alex McKenzie. Alex McKenzie is an up-and-coming star in the world of ice cream, and his rise to local fame has been meteoric. He bases his company out of Big Sky, Montana, a small mountain village in the Southwest corner of the state, and since he started scooping ice cream early this summer, residents have been swooning over his frozen creations.


Me working the cash register at a local event! Excuse the sunburnt arms…

Alex uses only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients when crafting his ice cream and once your tongue grazes the product for the first time, the ingredients come through like a freight train. Alex avoids anything that is highly processed or unnatural, and only includes items that the body can break down easily and comfortably.


Churning up a batch of ice cream in Alex’s kitchen!

Most ice creams that you can find on the market are high in air content and therefore lack the necessary fat that it takes to make a truly delicious cone, but Alex chooses to take another, tastier route. His ice cream is high in fat, and lower in air content than a typical cone.


A homemade “ball-park snacks” ice cream (popcorn infused ice cream with molasses caramel and roasted peanuts). Delicious!

As the business grows, Alex hopes to have all his ice cream produced in Montana, but currently he obtains most of it from a dairy supplier in Washington, who uses his recipes and makes the product to his exact specs. The delectable flavors include: mint chocolate chip, key lime pie, bourbon pecan pie, salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, mango sorbet, and raspberry sorbet. In his kitchen in Big Sky, Alex churns out sumptuous, crispy homemade waffle cones, rich, thick hot fudge, and the bodacious syrups that he uses for his fantastic sarsaparilla ice cream floats (with vanilla ice cream), and his raspberry-lime rickey (with raspberry sorbet). He also makes his own specialty ice creams in the kitchen, along with killer, self-made choco-tacos and other delicious ice cream related treats.


The lineup of frozen treats for the upcoming Farmer’s Market.

To be perfectly honest with you, in all time of eating and reviewing restaurants, I have never come across anyone who is as passionate about his craft. The countless hours of work that Alex pours into making the perfect ice cream cone, can only be surpassed by the innumerable amount of love that goes into his business. Alex currently sets up shop at farmers markets, concerts, soft ball games, and just about any other local event that occurs in town. The Emperor of Ice Cream booth can be easily identified by the small Cushman ice cream truck that bears the company’s name, and several large penguins with crowns and ice cream cones (his logo).


The Emperor of Ice Cream’s famed cart.

Currently he only works within the confines of Montana, but if Montana isn’t on your travel list for the future, don’t fret, Alex is working on a wholesale product currently and I am sure you will be seeing at the grocery store in your area soon enough. If you ever happen to be in Montana in the future, be sure to track down the Emperor of Ice Cream ( , Alex is a tremendously nice guy and once you taste his ice cream, you might have trouble leaving Big Sky. I would give the Emperor of Ice Cream, ZZZZZ- 5 Z’s out of 5- Incredible!


I am sure you will enjoy the ice cream as much as this penguin is!


One thought on “The Emperor of Ice Cream Takes The Crown!

  1. Dear Asher,
    Joe and I are so proud of you working in the ice cream realm. Maybe you will Createyour own flavor,l hope so. Jared, Amber and Amy all worked in Marc Anthony’s Pizza restaurant and it is still there right by the pier in Onset Bay. Keep up the good work!
    All the best to you,
    Joanne Dermont

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