The Best in the Wild West

After we received word that there was going to be a two hour delay in the Newark Airport, I knew my stomach was going to be in for a wild ride. We didn’t receive much food on the airplane, aside from the usual “peanuts, pretzels, or cookies,” and when we finally made it to the Bozeman Airport in Montana, I was ravenous. Seeking refuge from the booming growls of my hollow stomach, we decided to try out a new Montana joint which supposedly dishes out a mean burger. Best Burger Restaurant ( 8194 Huffine Lane, Bozeman, Montana)  an aptly named establishment, slings out delectable burgers for the people of Bozeman, Montana and others from all around America who are lucky enough to stumble upon this hidden gem.


The pleasant exterior drew us in.


At the most convenient point, after arriving at the old-time-y, drive-in style burger joint, I bolted out of the car and stepped up to the ordering line.


A plethora of knick-knacks always makes a restaurant beautiful!

The restaurant was fairly simple on the inside, aside from a good deal of knick-knacks and interesting antiques scattering the restaurant, but the simplicity of the restaurant soon dissolved from my thoughts, as I took my first bite of the burger. To quench my immense hunger (or possibly “hanger ” at this point), I ordered a fully loaded Bacon Cheeseburger (without mayo, and mustard), an overflowing tray of golden fries, and a Huckleberry Milkshake.


The Spread…


The Bacon Cheeseburger was phenomenal. Although the meat of the burger was slightly dry, the crisp bacon, fresh lettuce, robust tomatoes, snappy onions, and sour pickles provided the dish with much needed juice. The slice of american cheese atop the sandwich enveloped the burger in a moist, warm blanket, and the soft, pillowy buns were the perfect vessel to take on the hulking, bodacious creation.


A bodacious burger bomb


You really can never go wrong with fries. This statement held up completely at Best Burger Restaurant. The fries were toothsome, salty, and crusty on the outside, and were erupting with pillowy clouds of steam on the inside. The fries were unaccompanied by any added surprises, and the utter simplicity of the dish was the perfect thing to cleanse my palate between bites.


These fries flew


One of the worst things to receive when ordering a milkshake from a restaurant, is warm ice cream. As I took in the first gulp of the luscious, syrupy Huckleberry Shake, my heart fell to the pit of my stomach. The milkshake was warm! 


A warm shake is always a mistake


I desperately tried to dig around the cup for any cold piece of ice cream, but it was to no avail. Although the shake was warm, the flavors they achieved with the concoction were on point, and the Wilcoxon’s Huckleberry Ice Cream is hard to beat!

I strongly recommend taking the drive to The Best Burger Restaurant (whether that means a 5 mile ride or a 50 mile ride), the burgers hold true to the name and the environment of the restaurant can’t be beat. I would give it ZZZV-3 ½ Z’s – Delish.


One thought on “The Best in the Wild West

  1. Great review. I always wondered about that joint.

    Thomas L. Gallagher (203) 561-3585 mobile Sent from my iPhone


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