Hoodoo Brown BBQ- So Good it’s Criminal!

Hyman G. Neill, better known as Hoodoo Brown, was the leader of the Dodge City Gang in Las Vegas, New Mexico in 1870’s and early 1880’s, and according to many of those who crossed his path, Hoodoo was “the baddest cowboy of them all”. Hoodoo led the Dodge City Gang on stagecoach and train robberies, murders, thievery and countless others forms of corruption. Hoodoo Brown Barbecue in Ridgefield CT (www.hoodoobrownbbq.com), cleverly named after the legendary cowboy, works to incorporate all the flavors of the Wild West into their supreme dishes and bodacious desserts.


You Would Be A Doodoo Head If You Don’t Come To Hoodoo!

Stepping into the western-chic atmosphere of Hoodoo Brown’s your eyes are met with the grand walls of thick-cut sturdy wood logs and posts, as well as a smattering of striking Ol’ Western photographs and spectacular modern twists on the classic down and dirty decor of a typical barbecue restaurant.
After delving into the vast pool of choices that Hoodoo Brown’s possesses, we slimmed our order down to a reasonable sized haul (or so we thought). For the sake of time you spend in front of a computer screen, I will only tell you about the very best of our grand meals at Hoodoo Brown’s. The top five choices were: The Hogzilla Sandwich (it was just as crazy as it sounds), the Texas Poutine, The Fried Green Tomatoes, The Carmalita Sundae, and the Banana Bourbon Creme Pie.
The Hogzilla Sandwich was just as delicious and humongous as the name might reveal to you. The monstrous sandwich was piled high with a tender heap of shaved pork ribs, a hefty sprinkling of delicately flaky pulled pork, and crispy-skinned, beyond oily pork belly. In addition to the mountain of meats, the sandwich was finished off with a drizzling of velvety Hoodoo Voodoo Sauce, a fried green tomato (to provide a much needed bit of crunch to an otherwise soft sandwich), and a delectable smoked garlic and onion “baconnaise.” It was seem like there was too much going on, but this array of flavors melded together perfectly to form the ideal sandwich.


An Elephantine Sandwich…

The Texas Poutine was simply wonderful. The Canadian Classic was made up of thick, double-fried seasoned french fries, a soupy pool of hot beef gravy, and squeaky, melted cheese curds. The one special ingredient that sets their poutine above all the rest, was the sprinkling of what is known to the staff of the restaurant as “Brisket Debris.” This Brisket Debris allowed the dish to achieve a much note of salt, to add another depth of flavor to the already wondrous dish.


Not A Routine Poutine!

I consider myself a connoisseur or expert of a very few select group foods, but something that I would consider part of that group are Fried Green Tomatoes. The Fried Green Tomatoes from Hoodoo Brown’s were to die for. The hard, crusty brown shell cracked easily open, to reveal a flood of acidic, warm green tomato juice. The juice would proceed to melded and absorb itself into the fried shell of bread crumbs itself, allowing the dish to tinker on the brink of crunchy and moist (a wonderful place to be in the food world).


Tomato Tomatoe, Potato Potatoe

For dessert my mother ordered the Carmalita Sundae (to satisfy her ever growing love for anything chocolate-y). The Carmalita Sundae was built of a base of the ever trusty, sweet vanilla ice cream, and was stacked high with a thick, dense oatmeal, salted caramel and chocolate chip brownie. This mysteriously delicious concoction was topped with an elephantine portion of hot fudge (to round out the delectable dish).


I Wish I Could Eat This Every “Sundae”

As my eyes scanned down the menu, and my mouth continued to slobber, my eyes settled on one dessert, the Banana Bourbon Creme Pie. Oh how much I adore a good banana creme pie! Luckily for me, the Banana Bourbon Creme Pie was magical. The crisp Nilla Wafer Crust made way for a substantial dollop of silky, thick Bourbon Banana Pudding, a perfectly-sliced banana, and a schmear of airy whipped cream. This dessert was to die for!


The Mac Daddy of All Desserts…

Overall, Hoodoo Brown Barbecue won the hearts of each member of my family, and I would sure to travel back to this wonderful establishment (even if I have to perform stagecoach and train robberies, murders, and thievery to get there). I give it ZZZZX- 4 ⅓ Z’s- Wonderful!


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