Drift on by to The Driftwood Sandwich Shop in Southport, CT.

Meandering through the charming streets of Southport, Connecticut, one can’t help but smile. Although the town is quite small, the flavors of the quaint region cannot be rivaled. The pride and joy of Southport is The Driftwood Coffee Shop, located in the heart of town. The Driftwood has been slinging bacon, eggs, and pancakes (and much more) for as long as I can remember, and there is no doubt in my mind that there will be many more years of delectable breakfast and lunch classics to savor.



I have been going to the Driftwood ever since moving to Southport seven years ago, and the food has remained delicious since the beginning. The atmosphere is absolutely adorable: laughing, glowing families and couples bring an utter happiness and cuteness to the small interior. The walls are covered by drawings and paintings of Old Southport, transporting you to another time. After sitting down in the eye-grabbingly green booths of the Driftwood, I crafted my small but delicious order: a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, Vanilla Milkshake, and Apple Juice.


These eye-catching green stools guide you through the restaurant, and give you a bird’s-eye view of the bubbling bacon, and golden-yolked eggs on the grill.

As I have stated before on many occasions, the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich is the cornerstone dish to enjoyable breakfast. The Driftwood’s is a testament to that fact. It is built on a buttery, crisp platform of the classic Connecticut hard roll (the perfect device to absorb all excess juices). That golden layer is topped with a smattering of glassy bacon, a slice of melted, oozing American cheese, and a crackling, bubbling, greasy fried egg. The sandwich is a winner on all fronts.


This quintessential part of the Connecticut Breakfast was perfected in this fine establishment, and should be tried at least once in all breakfast-lover’s lives.

The Vanilla Milkshake from the Driftwood is truly unbeatable. It’s cold, sweet bliss sweeps across my throat like a blizzard as my palate is cleansed of all bits of bacon-y goodness from the sandwich. The milkshake is the perfect drink not only to cleanse my palate between bites, but also to cool me off on a hot summer morning.


This chilled, refreshing speckled vanilla shake was the ideal palate cleanser for the oily bacon, egg and cheese.

Apple Juice, while seemingly unimportant to some, is always an integral part of my meal at the Driftwood. I have had an Apple Juice here every time I have gone, and to put it simply, it is the perfect drink to consume with breakfast: crisp and cold, providing the ideal contrast of sweet to salty/greasy (from the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese), and best yet, it is served in a cute small old-time-y can.


This small, classic “Lucky” Leaf apple juice has been a staple of my breakfasts at the Driftwood for as long as I can remember.

Overall, I loved and have loved every moment I have ever spent at the Driftwood Coffee Shop, and cannot wait to spend many more moments there. I give it: ZZZZ – 4 Z’s – Fantastic.


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