Deep in the heart of rural Bozeman, Montana tucked away amongst a plethora of quaint, quiet Montana stores and restaurants, is Roost Fried Chicken (  .


A good sign can be a true indicator of whether a restaurant will be good or not.

Roost is a traditional, family-oriented restaurant dishing out a marvelous blend of comfort foods made with their own spin. Owners Joe Darr and Mike Buck strive to run their restaurant on the basis of fresh ingredients, a warm, welcoming atmosphere, a kind staff, and a simple yet pleasing decor.
Although fried chicken pops up on the menus of endless restaurants around the world, one can truly have trouble finding a fried delight that you will never forget. I am not talking fried chicken that you would recommend to a friend looking for an ordinary bite to eat, I am talking the kind of chicken that you would stop brushing your teeth just to keep that glorious taste on your tongue for a moment longer. Few restaurants can achieve this seemingly unreachable feat, but the Roost was one of those restaurants.


Nothing beats a simple yet in a way extensive menu board, incorporating all sorts of southern delicacies with a Montana spin.

After we arrived and ordered at Roost, we parked ourselves in the back area of the restaurant and sat there waiting for our food. Suddenly, as if we were all hypnotized, our necks craned, our eyes closed, and our nostrils opened. As we opened our eyes slowly, we saw it. Bounding towards our table like a lion, it emerged. The basket of chicken seemed to be roaring for us to eat it. The basket was placed in front of our smiling faces and without seconds wait, we dug in. We received a thigh, breast, wing, and drumstick. Each piece was coated in a thick yet utterly delicate, glassy layer of the Roost’s special breading. As you tore through the crispy outer layer, your unveiled a copious amount of warm, salty juice erupting out of every nook and cranny of the beyond tender white meat.


A glorious concoction of various crisp, oily pieces of chicken, including the thigh, the breast, the wing, and the drumstick.

We ordered the chicken with a number of subpar side dishes including mac and cheese, fried okra, mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs.
In addition to the fried chicken basket, we obtained both a glorious golden hunk of fried chicken on a stick (similar to that of the fried chicken basket),


Everything tastes better on a stick, especially something deep fried.

and a Nashville Hot Fried Chicken. The Nashville hot chicken was fully smothered in a piquant blend of fiery, peppery spices and served on a pillowy slice of white bread (the perfect device to sop up any extra juices or sauces).


A well thought out blend of spices can truly elevate the taste-status of a dish immensely, in this case that is exactly what it did.

The atmosphere was somewhat basic and utilitarian, but looking past the simple walls of the restaurant, one can become very entertained by the wonderful posters, pictures, and paintings of chickens and the such, that are so prominent to the eye of the customer.
Overall, I truly enjoyed every moment I spent and every bite I took at Roost, and I would recommend the trip anyone who is not to chicken to come!
Restaurant Overall Rating: 4/5

Fried Chicken Basket Rating: 4/5

Nashville Hot Chicken Rating: 4/5

Chicken on a Stick Rating: 3/5

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