A New Discovery: Los Mariachis in Wallingford

Recently, my older brother and I traveled deep into the heart of rural Wallingford to indulge in some legitimately authentic Mexican Food at Los Mariachis (http://losmariachisgrill.com/,105 N Colony Rd Wallingford, CT). Los Mariachis is one of the top restaurants located in Wallingford, CT, as a result of their utterly unique ability to meld their culinary delights with a fiery style and personal flair to create a wonderful experience for all who eat at the restaurant. Los Mariachis has won two Reader’s Choice Awards in 2012 and 2013 for their authentic Mexican Cuisine, and has been praised by many of the locals in the area for having some of the best Margaritas in Connecticut (don’t worry I didn’t have any!).

Los Mariachis attends to all types of different palates and taste buds. They have a vast selection of numerous varying Mexican classics, along with an assortment of unique, original creations, thrown together by the glorious chefs at Los Mariachis. The atmosphere at Los Mariachis is humble and plain, but although the ambiance lacks a touch of flair, the restaurant is pristinely clean. The simple, unadorned walls of Los Mariachis allows the customer to concentrate solely on the most important aspect of any restaurant, its food. After being seated in a booth near the restaurant’s accordion player, we took a second to observe the menu. After about five delightful minutes of the sweet folky tunes of the accordion pouring into our ears, we were ready to order.

To start off our Mexican Feast, my brother and I ordered Queso Dip and Pork Tamales. The Queso Dip was served in a small white bowl and was slightly disappointing. The dip was silky and velvety but the lack of a true cheesey flavor and the slightly thin and watery presentation proved to ruin the dish. In addition, the dish was presented with a lack of creativity. The Queso Dip was surrounded with a scattering of chips with thick slices of spicy jalapenos on top.


Not A Good Start To The Meal!

With the Queso Dip being our first impression of the food, we thought we were in for a rough night of eating, but boy were we wrong. The Pork Tamales were delectable. The creamy, rich, maroon red corn base was melded together with a smattering of juicy, salty, tender pork and was then formed into the perfect tamale shape. The tamales were served with a cooling, pure white dollop of sour cream to balance out the slight heat of the tamales.


You Will Be Jolly After Eating These Tamales!

For our entrees we ordered two dishes: A Spicy Pork Chimichanga and Three Steak Enchiladas. The Spicy Pork Chimichanga was marvelous. The golden deep fried flour tortilla was filled to its absolute brim with a wide assortment of spicy, saucy mexican delicacies, including succulent, juicy-filled pork, hot, steamy pepper slices, and was served with a pile of brown, smooth refried beans, melted oozing cheese, perfectly cooked rice, and deep, vivid green guacamole. Wonderful!


The Crown Jewel of Los Mariachis…

The Steak Enchiladas were incredible. Juicy, tender, moist bundles of perfectly seasoned steak tucked gently beneath warm, steaming blankets of soft, fluffy, pillow-like flour tortillas. The Enchiladas were doused in a hefty, thick layer of delicate, airy, palate-cleansing green sauce and were served with the classic rice, beans, and  guacamole sides. My brother and I devoured both of our dishes in the blink of an eye, and were left hankering for more after we had finished eating.


Allota Enchilada!

Overall, Los Mariachis was a wonderful addition to my lineup of restaurants in Wallingford, and will surely be atop my list of places to take my  younger brother next year, when he joins me at School ( I will just stay away from the Queso Dip). I would give it ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- Delish!


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