Gold’s of Westport- The Gold Standard of Delicatessens

Last weekend, my mother and I traveled to one of our old favorites, Gold’s Delicatessen. After growing up working in his mother’s Delicatessen in Bridgeport, Julius Gold opened Gold’s Deli in Westport in 1958. Although the restaurant was sold about 12 years ago, Gold’s has been able to maintain their New-York-Style Deli charm, and satisfy even the hungriest of customers.


The perfect welcome!

Their extensive menu includes a full array of smoked fish, including Sturgeon, Sable, Belly Lox, Chubs and Whitefish. They also carry many other beauties of the sea, including Kippered Salmon, Pickled Salmon, Pickled Herring and more.

In addition to fish, Gold’s carries only the freshest, daily-baked assortment of spongy, moist, warm breads for sandwiches and enjoyment on their own. Golds offers the customer a selection of thinly sliced deli meats and only the juiciest, most tender roast beef, smokey roasted turkey, as well as  Brisket, Corned Beef and Pastrami. You can’t go wrong with one of Gold’s wonderfully crafted sandwiches to satisfy your hunger, and the extensive menu allows you to truly immerse yourself in deli culture with a vast variety of fantastically prepared Gold’s delicacies.

Gold’s has been the go-to-spot for Deli-lovers all throughout the Greater Westport Area and far beyond, and the atmosphere truly reflects that fact. The walls are scattered with pictures of famous, renowned people eating and enjoying their food at Gold’s, and a wide array of news articles reflecting how much people love to dine at this fine establishment.


A Huge Sign.

We were seated at a table with a birds eye view of the ordering counter and the countless tables filled with the happiest of faces talking and eating with huge smiles on their faces.


This is where the magic happens.

We only ordered two things, but those two items were enough to remind me how delicious Gold’s is, and rekindle my love for the restaurant itself.

Soon after being seated, we were greeted by Cathy Bellardinelli, a waitress who has been at Gold’s since Julius Gold opened the deli in 1958!

We order an egg salad sandwich, and a roast beef sandwich.

The egg salad sandwich was wonderful. The creamy, velvety mayo blended wonderfully with the crushed golden-yolked eggs and created a simple, delectable medley of flavors in my mouth. The egg salad sandwich was served with crisp, spicy, thin red onion slices, bright, vivid green lettuce, and several slices of juicy, delicious tomatoes.


Trust me, I don’t YOLK, this sandwich was marvelous!

The roast beef sandwich was equally as delectable. The juicy, succulent beef was sliced extremely thinly, and placed in between a slice of robust, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a hefty slathering of spicy, deep, yellow grainy mustard to round out the sandwich.


This Roast was the Most delicious.

Each sandwich came with a selection of juice-filled sour and half sour pickles to enjoy whilst eating your sandwich. The pickles are the perfect palate cleanser between bites of your sandwich, and although I prefer the full sour pickles, half sour weren’t half bad either!

In addition to the pickles, the sandwiches are served with a vinegar based cole slaw. The cole slaw was crispy, snappy, and fresh, and the ideal side to any order you could possibly make here at Gold Delicatessen!

The Ideal Deli Condiments.

The Ideal Deli Condiments.

Overall, Gold’s Delicatessen is honestly the best choice you could make when it comes to Deli’s in the area in the categories of experience, food, and service.

I would give it: ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- DELI-sh


2 thoughts on “Gold’s of Westport- The Gold Standard of Delicatessens

  1. Dear Asher, Love Gold’s. A few weeks ago,Joe and I went there with Jared, Jasper and Dash to get a picnic lunch for the beach. The lunch was tasty, but Joe absolutely and literally went “nuts” for the pistachio nuts (in the gold Gold’s wrapper) by the cashier’s desk. They were smaller but far more delicious than others and he eats them daily. Keep up the good work! Love to you and the family, Joanne Dermont

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  2. Gold’s is the best. Addicted to their hand-sliced nova lox!! And it is currently the only place in Westport where you can grab a refreshing Fruple Ice…and all natural, local New England version of Italian Ice made with organic fruit and pure maple syrup – yum!

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