Don’t be a Knucklehead- Get to Knuckleheads Taproom in Wallingford, CT.

Last weekend, my brother and I walked to Knuckleheads Taproom (80 Center Street, Wallingford, CT), to indulge in what can truly be described as comfort food.  Knuckleheads is located in the heart of Wallingford, and is therefore the social and culinary hub for many of the Wallingford Residents, along with the ravenous students at Choate. Knuckleheads is renowned by many beer connoisseurs as Mecca when it comes to on-tap delicacies, but to the children of Wallingford– it is all about the burgers. Knuckleheads serves up a variety of burgers ranging from the simple Knucklehead Burger consisting of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo and choice of cheese, to the deli-style Goof Burger consisting of Pastrami, Grilled Onions, Swiss, American, Cheddar, Horseradish Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato. The menu contains a plethora of burgers to quench the tastebuds of nearly every customer who eats at Knuckleheads, and while we didn’t order those two particular burgers, the burgers we ordered were just as delicious as the ones listed above.

When we entered Knuckleheads, it was packed. People were lined up throughout the restaurant, and groups of friends and families were quite literally lunging for empty tables. After hovering over a table for about 20 minutes, we were seated at a high table looking over the jubilant faces of those eating their food, and the drooling smiles of those who were waiting for their delicious food. After being greeted by a very enthusiastic, happy waitress, we began our meal. To start, my brother and I ordered 6 Pig Wings (succulent, tender baseball sized pieces of pork, fried to a crispy perfection while still retaining the eruptive, hot, salty juices inside of the pork ball).


If only pigs could fly…..


A hunk of goodness.

The pig wings were served on a piece of pig bone, and was finished off with a tangy/sweet sauce combo of Honey BBQ and Acapulco Gold Sauce.


I’m at a loss with this sauce.

For our main dishes, my brother ordered the Bruised & Boozed Burger and I ordered the Brie Burger. The Bruised & Boozed Burger was made up of a strong base of a 9oz juicy, moist ground beef burger rubbed with marvelous cajun spices, stuffed with warm, melted, oozing blue cheese and topped with crunchy, flakey bacon, sweet grilled onions, fresh lettuce and tomato, & a house made robust Scotch Ale Steak Sauce.


Not breaking any laws with this booze.


The Boozed & Bruised in it’s glory.

The burger was wonderful, and my brother devoured each and every fantastic morsel of it.

The Brie Burger was superb. The patty of the burger was crusted in a thick layer of crisp smashed peppercorn, which held the marvelous juices and flavors of the meat itself within the crust.


Say Cheese!


I yelped with glee when I saw this Brie.

The bodacious creation was topped with crispy, oily, gooey fried brie, thin, glassy slices of grilled onion, a sweet, sticky Ruby Port Wine Reduction sauce and a pinch of creamy mayo. Fantastic!

Overall, Knuckleheads was truly superb in all facets of the restaurant. The food was delicious, the value was extremely reasonable, the service was accomodating, and the atmosphere was welcoming. I would give it, ZZZZV- 4 ½ Z’s- Awesome!


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