Whistle Pig Korean – Bozeman, Montana

A few weekends ago, my father, my older brother and I arrived at the Bozeman Airport in Montana to begin the ultimate boys week that has ever been embarked on (excluding my younger brother). After having a shaky entrance into the gate, our stomachs began to rumble and grumble; and not just because of the turbulence, but because we were starving. As we began to discuss where to dine amongst the many options in Bozeman, my dad threw in the idea of sampling Bozeman’s new and up and coming Korean Restaurant: The Whistle Pig Korean (25 N Willson Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715,www.whistlepigkorean.com).

The Whistle Pig has been open for about a year, and as far as the Bozeman Community is concerned, it was a fantastic year of delectable food and a wonderfully welcoming staff and atmosphere.

An inviting interior.


As I entered the Whistle Pig, I was immediately greeted with all of the fantastic sights, sounds, and smells of the ideal kitchen: tangy marinated meat and veggies were popping and sizzling to a crispy, juicy perfection on the grill, the click and clack of pots, pans, and bowls crashing together created music to my ears, and last but not least, the kitchen was organized and everybody seemed happy to be working and eating at the Whistle Pig.

Soon after arriving and exploring the small space of the Whistle Pig, we stepped up to the ordering stand. We requested: a Bulgogi Bibimbap, a Spicy Pork Bibimbap, a Dwaeji Gogi, Chinese Scallion Pancakes, Spicy Pickled Cucumbers, and a Bibim-Mandu. After ordering, we situated ourselves at a table directly in the front of window (where we were able to watch the exciting comings and goings of the restaurant).

As soon as we sat down, we were greeted by one of the owners of the restaurant who enthusiastically welcomed us with open arms (seriously I thought she was about to hug us).

Eggs-cellent Pork Bibimbap

The two Bibimbap dishes: Bulgogi (Spicy Pork and Korean Barbecued Beef), were served in a steaming hot bowl that had been heated up in the oven before being filled with all the Korean Bounties that The Whistle Pig had to offer. The Bibimbap bowls contained an abundance of veggies including: tender, bright orange carrots, watery, juicy zucchini, earthy spinach, rustic, robust mushrooms, snappy, crunchy bean sprouts; all served on a bed of moist, perfectly cooked white rice topped with a runny, golden-yolked fried egg, and juice-filled Beef Bulgogi or mouth-watering Spicy Pork.


This Bulgogi Bibimbap is Tops!

The Dwaeji Gogi was really quite simple. The dish was made up of the same Spicy Marinated Pork and was served on a bed of absorbent white rice. 

Gogi to get this Dwaegi Gogi

The pork was extremely tangy and the sharpness was matched by the rich, firm-yet-tender nature of the pork, and the abundance of delicious spicy sauce was consumed by the rice beneath: truly quite delicious.

Besides the main dishes, we ordered some appetizers to round out the meal.

The Chinese Scallion Pancakes were made up of spongy, fluffy, piquant scallion pancakes and a dark, rich dipping sauce. 

The Scallion Stallion


The Spicy Pickled Cucumbers were exactly as they sound, a sweet and spicy medley of flavors all thrown into freshly pickled, tangy cucumbers-a perfect start to the meal. 

Eat your Greens

The Bibim-Mandu was comprised of crispy, crusty, oily scallion chips scattered amongst a mix of fresh veggies to put inside the edible vessels.

You’ll Wandu eat this Mandu!


Overall the meal was quite enjoyable, and was exactly what I needed after a long day of traveling. The wonderfully enthusiastic service, paired up
with the quaint, quiet atmosphere allowed for a wonderful meal. I would most definitely return! I would
give it: ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- Yum!


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