The Restaurant at Spanish Peaks – Big Sky, Montana

If I could sum up my dining experience at The Restaurant at Spanish Peaks Mountain Club in Big Sky, Montana ( with one word, it would be—perfection. At the Restaurant at Spanish Peaks, the standards that fine dining establishments work to meet on a daily basis is exceeded to a level which not many restaurants reach.


The food scaled a high peak!


As I entered, I felt utterly at peace with myself and my surroundings. The rustic, log-cabin-esque building was welcoming, cozy and comfortable, while also providing the customers with a modern, clean, fresh twist on the conventional upscale western restaurant. Beautiful, light, airy crystal chandeliers poured elegantly off the towering raised ceilings, while the low lighting of the dining room provided a sense of a comfortable, relaxing eating vibe; which is hard to come by in the restaurant business. Not only was the ambience pleasing to the eye, but also created noticeable effects on the diners. People smiled, people laughed, people enjoyed well-made dishes, and most importantly people enjoyed themselves (which is really the goal of restaurants all across the world).


After being escorted to our beautifully set table, we were greeted by a team of waiters and waitresses who made it their goal that night not only to serve and accommodate us well, but also make a connection to our family in a personal way. To many, waiting table seems like an easy job, but waiting tables well is a totally different story. To do this, one must be trained in the art of creating  conversation while also serving to the needs and desires of the customer. The wait-staff at the Restaurant at Spanish Peaks perfectly achieved the aura of a successful  restaurant  , a characteristic that is very hard to get right.


After getting a sense of the specials that the Restaurant at Spanish Peaks was presenting that night, and finding out what exactly we wanted to indulge in, we began ordering. To start we ordered four appetizers: A Butternut Squash Soup, Steamed P.E.I Mussels, A French Onion Soup, and A White Truffle Risotto.


The Butternut Squash Soup was wonderful. The soup was robust and full bodied in flavor, while having a smooth, velvety, sumptuous consistency to round out the taste of the soup.


Oh my gosh, Butternut Squash!

Oh my gosh, Butternut Squash!

The Steamed P.E.I Mussels were made with immense care and attentiveness, a trait that is hard to come by in restaurants, let alone a restaurant that is located in the Northwest part of America (thousands of miles away from  where mussels are found). The mussels were salty, tender, and steamed to a plump, moist perfection.  The dish was served with a thick, spongy, absorbent slice of bread to sop up all the excess juices.


Flexing my Mussels!


French Onion Soup is– hands down my favorite soup that has ever existed. The Restaurant at Spanish Peaks allowed for my love of French Onion Soup to be strengthened. The soup’s broth was silky, a pleasing chestnut brown, and served at the absolute perfect temperature. The soup was bountifully overflowing with sweet, beautifully caramelized onions, and was served with a slice of soft, pillowy bread, and a lavish layer of oozy, gooey cheese to finish off the dish.


My favorite soup.

My favorite soup.

Our final appetizer was the White Truffle Risotto. The Risotto was a delightful choice and one that would please both our hearts and our stomachs. The Risotto was creamy, thick and provided the necessary amount of truffles to enchant your nose and satisfy your mouth. The dish was very warm and soothing.


My favorite kind of rice dish.

My favorite kind of rice dish.

For our entrées, we ordered 5 dishes: A Truffle Roasted Half Chicken, A 10 OZ. Filet Mignon, Slow-Cooked Beef Short Ribs, A 16 OZ. Blackened Rib Eye, and A Cedar-Plank Roasted Atlantic Salmon.


The Truffle Roasted Half Chicken was succulent, moist, and erupting with sweet, dark brown, tangy, warm juices. In addition, the Chicken gave off an aroma that could serenade everyone who came in contact with its truffle-y, encompassing scent.


Kicken' Chicken

Kicken’ Chicken

The 10 OZ. Filet Mignon was fantastic. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium, and the light pink, juice-filled center melded seamlessly into a crisp, dark brown outer layer. The steak was spiced up with a simple mixture of salt, pepper, and a variety of other spices, and served with creamy, silky mashed potatoes.


Hooray for Filet!


Although I was only able to sample a small portion of my older brother’s Slow-Cooked Beef Short Ribs, with the tiny bit I was able to have, I understood why he refused to share the rest of his meal. The Short Ribs shredded so easily, and as a result,  was able to soak in the excess juices, grease, and spices. The Short Ribs were tender, spicy, and provided the perfect mixture between being succelent and being firm (just what you want while eating Short Ribs).

You may need a bib for these ribs.

You may need a bib for these ribs.


The 16 OZ. Blackened Rib Eye was in one word-satisfying. The Rib Eye is known to be one of the single most fatty pieces of the cow, and as a result, obtains a flavor profile that not many other cuts of meat can. The Steak was bursting with sizzling, greasy juices and the Chef  was able to cook the meat to a pleasing medium. Although it was difficult to navigate through the abundance of unwanted fat, the taste was fantastic.


Fatty in a good way.


Lastly, we ordered A Cedar-Plank Roasted Atlantic Salmon. The Salmon was delicate, tender, and had a pristine shade of pink that is hard to accomplish. The Salmon was coated in a variety of flavor-enhancing spices, and was lightly caramelized to combat the mild, tantalizing taste of the Salmon with a touch of sweetness.


I don’t usually like fish, but this was good.


For dessert I was planning to order the  Famous Fried Donuts, but unfortunately they had run out earlier that evening. We settled on two scoops of Sorbet (a Vanilla Pear Sorbet and a Sour Green Apple Sorbet). Both scoops were frigidly cold, slightly dry and icy, and lacking in overall flavor profile. I can say with confidence, that the Sorbet was the only low point of the wonderful dinner.

Sadly, a bit disappointing.

Sadly, a bit disappointing.


Overall, my meal at The Montage was incredible and I would return at any point to happily indulge in the wonders that the restaurant has to offer. I would give it ZZZZV- 4 ¾ Z’s- Amazing.


Note: While the Restaurant is located in a private club in Big Sky, it is open to the public with advance reservation. 406.999.0040



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