Brick + Wood is Really Good

“Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around.”

Anna Quindlen


After a tough last week at school, my Mom decided (and rightly so) that the best way to calm our busy minds (and hungry stomachs), was to eat pizza. We agreed on the brand new pizza joint in Fairfield, CT., Brick +Wood ( As we entered Brick + Wood, the hollow echo of my empty stomach seemed to be amplified. The smell of melted oozing cheese crackling and bubbling over perfectly charred pizza raised the gurgling of my stomach to a point where it almost felt as if the room itself was shaking.


Chalk Full Of Specials!

While being escorted to our seats by a welcoming waitress, I was able to take a quick scan around the room. As I looked around, I noticed the smiling faces of those who were smart enough to dine at Brick + Wood, and also the delectable-looking pizza pies that accompanied them.

To start, we ordered two appetizers, a Truffle Burrata, and Four Cheese Arancini with Vodka Sauce.

The Truffle Burrata contained fresh mozzarella cheese with a firm, stretchy outer layer, that was filled with a creamy, soft, velvety, pillowy tangy, aromatic truffle filled center. The dish was served with tender, salty prosciutto and bitter arugula.


Alotta Burrata

Our second appetizer was perhaps one of the best rice balls (Arancini) I have ever indulged in (second only to the rice ball at Toni’s Tuscan Table The rice ball was packed together with moist rice, a variety of delicious Italian spices, and a bundle of melted, precisely selected cheeses which oozed uncontrollably out of each nook and cranny of the Arancini.


Crispy Delights!

The dish was served with a bright, vivid, green, silky vodka sauce for dipping purposes. Winner!

For the main courses we ordered three pizzas- a Margherita Pizza, a Diavola Pizza, and the Special Pizza of the day.

Each pizza was delicately prepared with either  tangy, slightly spicy, deep red pizza sauce or a delicate white sauce, a variety of different cheeses, toppings galore, and was cooked in a true beautiful Brick Oven that was shipped to the states from Italy. The oven cooks the marvelous pizzas in the blink of an eye, and leaves the pizza at the perfect temperature for the consumer.


The Mother-Ship…

The Margherita is a quintessential pizza choice. The pizza is served with a crisp but tender crust, plump, succulent globs of creamy mozzarella cheese, and a sprinkle of basil to enhance the flavor profile of the pizza to its highest level.


You can’t Beata This Margherita!

The Diavola Pizza contained mouthwateringly spicy soppresatta salami, a hefty helping of crumbly, toothsome garlic, countless slices of classic jalapeño peppers, and a dash of oregano. This pizza was spice central!



The Special Pizza of the Day was made up of juicy, tender, fall-off-the-bone pulled pork, beyond smooth, nutty, slightly tart Fontina cheese, and an abundance of caramelized, sweet, white onions. Keep in mind this pizza was a white pizza and therefore contained no red sauce.


You can’t beat this pizza…

Overall, Brick + Wood was fantastic, and a great addition to the Fairfield Eating Scene. The staff was accommodating, the atmosphere was sleek, modern, and comfortable, and most importantly the food was wonderful.

I will definitely return in the near future. I would give it ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- Awesome!


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