The Big Green Truck Pizza

Last Friday before my little brother’s Bar Mitzvah Ceremony and Luncheon, my parents decided that the best way to ease my brothers nerves would be to order a shitload of pizza and feast with our family and my brother’s closest friends. She was right! People laughed, talked, and most importantly ate. To accommodate  our huge family and large group of friends that attended, we needed a something that could whip out delectable pizza pies, and a vessel that would not interfere with peoples eating and conversing. The Big Green Truck was the answer.

The Big Green Truck  (  ) has a fleet of five antique, rustic, green pizza trucks and has a goal of bringing a unique pizza experience to you and your guests.  Not only do they serve pizza, but they also have mixed green salads, gelato, cappuccino and espresso!



He deserves a pizza for all his hard work!



My eyes were as big as these pizzas!

I have eaten from the Big Green Truck on numerous occasions and have enjoyed it each time I have indulged in its deliciousness. For this party they made countless pizzas, but I will just review my top five.

  1. Bacon Pizza: A warm, crisp, perfectly cooked base topped with slightly spicy, vivid, bright red sauce. This base was covered in stretchy, gooey cheese and crispy, crunchy toothsome bacon slices. This pizza satisfied my hunger (after about 8 delicious pieces), and I felt ready to conquer whatever pizza was thrown in my direction.


  1. Barbecue Chicken Pizza: A flakey, snappy on the outside-moist on the inside base, slathered in The Big Green  Truck’s famous velvety, smooth, maroon, silky barbecue sauce. Accompanying this wonderful pizza, were countless cubes of tender, succulent chicken, and a hefty handful of hot, oily cheese. AMAZING!


  1. Mashed Potato and Bacon Pizza: What could be bad about a mashed potato pizza? This pizza had the same toothsome, wonderfully crispy crust, but this pizza had no sauce. The creaminess and richness of the hot buttery mashed potatoes served as a wet element of the pizza. In addition to the mashed potatoes, the pizza was topped with crusty, juicy bacon and dark green chives… A wonderful creation.


  1. Buffalo Chicken Pizza: Similar to the Barbecue Chicken Pizza, the Buffalo Chicken Pizza did not have the regular red sauce that most pizza’s come with. This pizza is served with a spicy, eye-catching orange buffalo sauce and topped with juicy, plump chicken cubes & a heavy sprinkling of oozing cheese.


  1. Plain Cheese Pizza: Cheese Pizza… the Quintessential Pizza among the citizens of the world. Some can make this pizza, some unfortunately cannot. After dining on The Big Green  Truck’s pie, I can safely say these are people who can definitely make this pizza. The bright white warm cheese, the original, spicy red sauce, their perfectly crisp crust, all melded together wonderfully.

After stuffing myself silly with pizza, I stepped outside only to be bombarded with wonderful aromas pouring out of the pizza truck.


The fiery depths of deliciousness!


I felt tempted to have another slice (or two), but I held myself back. I stepped back inside only to find that they had prepared tiny cups of ice cream and someone was making cappuccinos and espressos.


I scream, you scream…you know the words!


I was in heaven… Overall, the Big Green Pizza Truck created a wonderful evening for our family and friends, and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a delicious party caterer. I would give it, ZZZZV- 4 ½ Z’s.


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