Sandwich Paradise- Jax & Co.

As I sat at home on a Sunday night awaiting the fun and excitement of having Monday and Tuesday off from school, my dad and I began to search for a restaurant for him and I to visit, and for me to later review. While the hours trudged by, and the clock continued to monotonously, click, my dad suddenly yelped. He screamed “Jax & Co!” Immediately I was intrigued. When you are searching for an ideal restaurant, the first step is narrowing down your list of food types and ethnicities that you want. After deciding we were in the mood for sandwiches, the choice was easy: we needed to go to Jax & Co. ( ,46 N Main St, Norwalk, CT 06854). After looking up at Jax & Co’s Menu, my dad and I were bubbling with excitement. Every single bodacious sandwich looked delectable. We wanted to try every one, but alas our stomachs could not hold that much sandwich.


A sign of a good restaurant

We decided on 3 sandwiches: the BLTA, The Che, and the Chicken & Waffle Sandwich. The sandwiches were incredibly delicious, making it nearly impossible to narrow it down to my favorites. Instead, I will try my best to give you my honest 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sandwiches.


The prize is waiting inside the wrapping.

1. The Che. The Che was incredible. The sandwich was made up of a thick layer of juicy, salty, crispy on the outsides and wet with delectable fat droplets on the inside porchetta, sour, snappy house pickles, perfectly spiced, golden house mustard and tangy, creamy, velvety shepherds cheese that melded wonderfully with the pile of porchetta. All of these delicacies were squeezed in between a golden, oily, pressed Cuban roll (the best kind of bread for a sandwich like this).



2. The Chicken & Waffle Sandwich. The Chicken & Waffle sandwich was a close second to the Che. This sandwiches main ingredient was of course, chicken. This was not just any chicken though, this was crisp, crunchy, toothsome on the outside, erupting with warm delicious juices on the inside chicken. The chicken was quite possibly one of the most tender, succulent, moist birds I have ingested in a long time. Paired up with the chicken was a surprisingly spicy, beautifully colored jalapeño, honey sauce, and a dusting of thin, airy slices of kale. This sandwich was served between two soft, pillowy, plump, cinnamon-flavored slices of waffle-esque bread.


An awfully good Waffle!

3. The BLTA: Although the BLTA fell to third on the list of sandwiches, it would still match up with most any sandwich you put it up against. As most of you know, the BLT is the best sandwich there is. The combination just can’t be matched by any other type of sandwich, and this sandwich was no different. The crisp, crunchy, crusty abundance of bacon, the touch, of vividly, fresh, bright green lettuce leaves, plump, juice-filled tomatoes, and a hefty helping of silky, smooth, butter-like avocado. This sandwich was served on two healthy, slices of wheat bread.


Boy I Love This!

Overall the food at Jax & Co was fantastic, and the service and atmosphere was no different. Jax & Co was slightly barn-like and the clean, pristinely organized ordering and eating areas were littered with interesting jars of pickled foods and decorations that were appropriate for the low-country restaurant that it claims to be.


A jar fan in his element.

The two waiters whom we spoke to, were exceedingly kind and friendly. They both seemed to be having a great time working there (they were singing, dancing, and joking around with each other and their customers).


Quite possibly the best lemonade I’ve ever had.

After our dining experience at Jax & Co, I can definitely say that I would return at ANYTIME! The sandwich selection was incredibly vast, and each and every sandwich on that menu is going to be in my stomach at some point in my life. I would give it, ZZZZZ- 5 Z’s- a must go!!!!!


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