Colony Diner in Wallingford

Last Tuesday, I decided to order in food from the Colony Diner  ( with my friend Karen. Colony Diner quite literally has anything that you may yearn for when it comes to food. Ordering in food is a very popular practice at boarding school, and having ordered from nearly all of the pizza and Chinese restaurants that the greater Wallingford Area has to offer, I thought it would be appropriate to order from another favorite among the Choate students.


After having a “difficult” conversation on the phone with a Colony Diner employee, and actually having to physically step outside and speak to this man like he was a toddler, we finally had our order in.


We ordered a large stack of chocolate chip pancakes, a side of crisp bacon, and a grilled chicken sandwich.


The pancakes were moist, fluffy and the sponginess of them allowed for the rich melted chocolate to ooze out of each and every morsel. When I opened the box of pancakes, a soothing waft of warm, heavy steam crept slowly out of the dish and into my nose. The pancakes came with sweet, thick, golden brown syrup, and light, airy whipped butter (the perfect sides to a delicious dish).


The side of bacon was perfect. The crispy, crunchy flawlessly cooked slices of thin bacon erupted with greasy, salty juices and melded fantastically with the pancakes in my stomach.


The grilled chicken sandwich was quite simple, but still fairly delectable. The tender, succulent chicken erupted with warm juices and its perfectly placed grill marks allowed for a smoky addition to the cooked bird. This delicious chicken was squeezed in between two soft, pillow-like pieces of white bread.


While eating my pancake feast, I accidently happened to sit on a cup of syrup. Unfortunately, I ruined my last clean pair of pants; and in the process destroyed any shred of dignity I had left. After coating my pants in syrup, I proceeded to flip the cushion to its opposite side (so no one would notice my embarrassing accident). While trying to cover my tracks, I was incessantly laughed at by Karen, and much to my surprise many other people in the building. Seems like a fun experience, right?


Overall, the meal was very satisfying (other than the “incident”). The Colony Diner experience was definitely worth it, for the cheap prices and large portions they present to their customers. I would give it ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Good.



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