Pink Sumo in Westport

Pink Sumo (, the King of all Westport dining experiences… It is my go-to restaurant when I am hanging out with my friends or family. I have been to Pink Sumo approximately 30 times and each time I have tweaked my order until it is absolutely perfect.

The ultimate order that I have crafted over the years, is: Nippon Dumpling Soup, Pork Gyoza, Shrimp Tempura with Coconut Sauce, and a Spider Roll.

The Nippon Dumpling Soup is simply delicious. The smooth, perfectly warmed chicken broth erupts out of each plump, moist dumpling filled with both tender, succulent shrimp and juicy, crumbly pork, as the boiled, well-cooked vegetables float to the top of the soup.

The Pork Gyoza is quite possibly my favorite item from Pink Sumo.


The crispy, crusty, oily dough on the outside melds perfectly with juice-filled and toothsome crumbly, caramelized pork and fresh vegetables on the inside.

The Shrimp Tempura that Pink Sumo dishes out is marvelous. The beautifully presented crisp, tempura-battered rock shrimp placed in a blue-faded glass cocktail, are smothered in a vivid, bright yellow tangy coconut sauce, and the smell that wafts off the shrimp is to die for. The warm vapor that the fried shrimp emits can send you off into food euphoria.

Lastly I order the Spider Roll. A Spider Roll is not your conventional sushi roll. The large circular roll is filled to the brim with perfectly-cooked rice, creamy, velvety, smooth avocados, and an abundance of crisp, crunchy, steaming hot soft-shell crabs, battered and fried to perfection, and placed delicately into the roll.


Although these dishes seem quite elegant, it is the simplicity of both the food and atmosphere that draws me to Pink Sumo. The dark, quiet ambience allows for the people eating to truly enjoy each others company and not get distracted by careless thoughts.

Overall I enjoy every second I spend at Pink Sumo, and I know you will too. I would give it ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- Awesome.


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