Do Nut Miss Out on these DONUTS!

Those of you who know food, know that Portland, Oregon is Famous for their donuts. These aren’t just any donuts, these are Voodoo Donuts  ( Voodoo Donuts has been on every food show imaginable, and has been visited by nearly all of the wonderful food reviewers. Voodoo Donuts dishes out a variety of crazy, odd creations, and it was my goal that day to sample the best of the best.


If it’s Pink, it can’t Stink!

As we stepped into the large, snaking line in an interesting part of town, we knew then and there why this place was swarmed with so many different people (from tourists to locals and everything in between).


A beautiful sight.



After stepping into the colorful room and observing the beautiful spinning display wheels of donuts, we devised our ordering plan.


So many choices…


Racks of Glory!

For our delectable circular meal we ordered 11 fantastic donuts:


It brought a tear to my eye!

The Voodoo Doll: The Classic Voodoo Donut. A Moist, Fluffy Yeast Donut, filled with beyond -sweet, gooey strawberry jelly, and coated in a humorous yet tasteful voodoo doll frosting with a stale pretzel sticking out of the top.

The Maple Blazer Blunt: A plump raised donut, rolled to look like a blunt with sweet, simple maple glaze and vivid, bright red sprinkles as the embers.

The Arnold Palmer: A pillow-like yeast donut covered in a smooth, velvety vanilla glaze, and lightly dusted with Arnold Palmer Powder. It tasted just like the drink!

The Maple Bacon: Just for the record, I have sampled many Maple Bacon donuts in the past, and the soft donut, along with the silky smooth maple frosting and crisp, crunchy bacon, did not stack up to some of the others I have eaten.

The Glazed: A simple decadent, spongy donut with a wonderful mouth feel, and coated in a fantastically sweet, flakey glaze. Unfortunately, this donut was hogged by my brother.

The Apple Fritter: This Apple Fritter was fabulous. The crisp, shiny outer layer, melded perfectly with the “healthy” hefty portion of thick caramel and snappy apples, This donut would win the award for most likely to send you to the dentist.

The Grape Ape: A disappointment in the donut category. The simple donut base, along with the nauseatingly sweet vanilla frosting, provided no help to the grape powder that tasted like a repulsive grape flavored medicine. Yuck…

The No Name: Quite possibly one of the best donuts we are at VD. The crunchy, finger-licken good cake-based donut, mixed with the smooth peanut butter, and soothing, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate topping, to create a dynamic duo of delectable flavors.

The Captain My Captain: Captain Crunch is my favorite cereal, and when I heard about the Captain My Captain donut I was immediately intrigued. Unfortunately, the simple, unoriginal base, along with the aromatic vanilla icing and stale, tasteless cereal pieces, made for a disappointing donut.

The Loop: Same description as the Captain My Captain, but with Froot Loops.

The Old Dirty Bastard: A plump, airy donut base topped with a hefty, rich slathering of chocolate icing, delightful crumblings of Oreo Cookies, and a heavy drizzling of pungent peanut butter. Fantastic!


A job well done.

Overall, the donuts at Voodoo Donuts were not as good as I expected , but the experience was well worth waiting in the long line. I would give it: ZZZX

3 1/2 Z’s: Interesting.

The second donut place we traveled too was Blue Star Donuts ( Blue Star has two locations in Portland, but even though it is a small chain, it was quite possibly some of the best donuts I have ever had.


There is nothing better than a Blue Star Donut!

As we entered the pristine blue and white crisp, clean atmosphere, we observed the large kitchen and the minimal amount of seating. After stepping into the short line and breathing in the wondrous, aromatic fumes from the kitchen, we began ordering.


A small but delicious selection of Donuts.

We obtained all 4 donuts that remained at the end of the day: the Bacon Maple Donut, the Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar, the Blueberry Bourbon Donut, and the Strawberry Frosted with Crushed Pistachios.

The Bacon Maple Donut was soft, squishy and the delicate spread of smooth, mouthwatering maple glaze, and crunchy, perfectly cooked bacon made for a delectable donut.

The Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Donut had a spongy, sumptuous base, and was heavily dusted with a grainy, wondrous combination of cinnamon and sugar, to create a marvelous donut.

The Blueberry Bourbon Donut had a crusty, oily, fried cake-base, and was dipped in a tangy bourbon/blueberry sauce. In addition to the glaze, the donut was speckled with an abundance of cooked blueberries. This donut was fantastic.

Lastly, we ordered the Strawberry Glazed Donut, with Pistachios on Top. The Donut had the same oil-slathered fried base as the blueberry/bourbon, but the silky smooth, beyond sweet strawberry frosting and the light crumble of vivid, light green pistachios, created a wonderland of both flavors and colors.


These donuts were gone one second later.

Overall, the donuts at Blue Star were leaps and bounds better than Voodoo Donuts. I would give it: ZZZZV- 4 1/2 Z’s: Yum!


2 thoughts on “Do Nut Miss Out on these DONUTS!

  1. Tastebuds are tingling after reading this. I may have to run out to Coffee An’ Donuts in Westport right now for the coconut twist I’ve been dreaming about. Thanks for the encouragement.

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