Journey to the Pacific Northwest- Day 1

For our first stop on our mini road trip to the Pacific Northwest, we stopped at my Mom’s favorite ice cream joint ever in Missoula, Montana: The Big Dipper ( . We have been to Big Dipper before, but I failed to review it. This Ice Cream stand dishes out a variety of classic flavors, as well as an abundance of crazy, interesting ones.





We ordered 5 varieties of ice cream: Cotton Candy, Cookie Dough , Coffee Chocolate Chip, Yellow Cake and  a Creamsicle Milkshake.



A Line-Up Deadlier Than The Usual Suspects.

The Yellow Cake Ice Cream was rich, creamy, smooth, and truly embodied the Vanilla Cake flavor.

The Cotton Candy Ice Cream was velvety, a vivid, bright, deep red, and cleansed the palate well.

The Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream was infused with the prominent flavor of freshly brewed coffee, and toothsome chocolate chips, allowed for a chilling, delicious experience.

The Creamsicle Milkshake was made with milk, orange sorbet, and vanilla ice cream. This marvelous contraption was extremely refreshing, and the taste reminded me immediately of a Creamsicle Ice Cream Bar.

Lastly, the Cookie Dough Ice Cream was ordered by my younger brother, who as a result of his selfishness, did not allow me to sample his dish.

For lunch we went to Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese Restaurant ( . Meltz is highly renowned for their fantastic grilled cheeses and have actually won 3 awards for 3 of their bodacious sandwiches. We decided to eat at Meltz after a recommendation from my favorite



A New Favorite of Mine.

Meltz was the perfect place to eat after a long day of traveling! As we entered the inviting restaurant filled with numerous accolades and articles in their honor, we were greeted by a kind, accommodating woman who seemed to have a deep passion for working at the restaurant.

While we were at the ordering stand we made our ultimate decisions for our cheese-filled feast. We ordered: the Pepperosa Pizza, The Burger Bomb, the Potsticker Meltz, and the Oinker.

The Pepperosa Pizza was ordered by my younger brother and was extremely similar to a moist, saucy, warm, pizza covered in crisp, spicy pepperoni, and squeezed in between a grilled cheese. Although this was enjoyed by my younger brother, it was my least favorite that we ordered.





My Brother’s Pride and Joy.


The Burger Bomber was ordered by my older brother. In this delectable sandwich, was a moist, succulent beef patty, and all the delectable, fresh ingredients that a delicious burger has to offer (with the addition of crispy, salty onion strings). This was devoured by my brother and thoroughly enjoyed throughout with meal.





The Potsticker Meltz won the 2013 award for best grilled cheese in Idaho, and surely lived up to those standards. The sandwich was filled with tender, juicy shredded pork, perfectly sliced scallions and onions, a creamy, velvety, spicy, siracha sauce, oozing pepper jack and provolone cheese, and a tangy, silky, fantastic potsticker dipping sauce.



I Couldn’t Imagine This Potsticker is Good For My Ticker.


Lastly was the Oinker sandwich. The Oinker contained juicy, moist pulled pork slathered in a rich, tangy brown sauce, crunchy onion strings, and an abundance of perfectly cooked twirly pasta (resembling a pig tail, from which the marvelous sandwich is named).

For the table we ordered a basket of fried to perfection salty Idaho potato chips.




After lunch, we walked around the beautiful shores of  Coeur d’Alene Idaho and eventually made our way to Fisherman’s Market ( to sample some of the delicious gems of the sea.


The Perfect Welcome Sign.


As we arrived in the building, the smell of the sea flooded into our nostrils, and wafted throughout the restaurant.

After getting line, we began ordering. We ordered 6 things: several varieties of sushi, steamers and mussels, a Catfish Po Boy, a Blackened Halibut Sandwich, and a Fish and Chips Basket.

The sushi was extremely fresh and as a result of it being from inner Idaho, made me enjoy the dish even more.



This Sushi DOESN’T Look Like It Came Out Of My Tushie…


A Rainbow Of Fish!

My older brother ordered the steamers and mussels. The steamers and mussels were salty like the sea, perfectly warm, and the slimy deliciousness of the vessels made for a party in my mouth.



The Crowned Jewel of The Meal.


The Catfish Po Boy, was made up of oily, crusty, crispy on the outside, juice-filled, and butter-like on the inside catfish, plump heirloom tomatoes, fresh from the farm lettuce and onions, and a creamy spicy sauce, all squeezed between spongy, soft, pillow like bread.




Lip Smackin Good.

After the Catfish Po Boy, my little brother obtained a toothsome on the outside, bland and tasteless on the inside fried cod, with snappy, perfectly salted French fries.


Fish and Chips, A Classic.

Lastly, my dad obtained a Blackened Halibut Sandwich. The sandwich was perfectly spiced and one of the most tender prices of fish that I have ever eaten. The fish was placed in between two marvelously soft priced of bread.



Blackened Fish… The Perfect Dish…


After sampling three restaurants in Idaho, I can surely say that there is more than you think there is to offer (food wise). I would give the experience ZZZZ: 4 Z’s: Yum!











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