Bar 3 BBQ- A great Montana find

To barbecue or not to barbecue, that is the question. – Billy Bob Shakespeare


Last week I arrived in my happy  place: Montana. Upon arriving in Montana, my family and I traveled the short distance from the Bozeman airport to Bar 3 BBQ in Belgrade, Montana ( . Bar 3 BBQ was the perfect place for me to go, because I was still yearning for real American food after my trip to Costa Rica.


Sauce Boss

Bar 3 BBQ is the premier destination in Montana if you are in need of some REAL BBQ.

As we opened the doors of the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by the heavy glare of each and every person in the restaurant. After their gazes turned away from us, we awkwardly shuffled to our table and conversed as to why they stared so intently at us. After getting over that odd occurrence, we took a long look around at the spacious, vast, rustic restaurant, which connected to a brewery and a large kitchen.

Once we  examined the restaurant we were greeted by our kind bubbly waitress, and we began to order our purely American feast.

Our feast consisted of: a giant full rack of ribs, a turkey sandwich, a pulled pork sandwich, a succulent pile of burnt ends, and 6 marvelous sides.

The ribs that we ordered were described by our waitress as the biggest rack of ribs she has ever seen.


You’ll Need a Bib For These Rib’s…

This ginormous rib rack was fairly tough, and as a result had to be gnawed on  at like a wild animal destroying it’s prey. On the other hand, the ribs were quite meaty, juicy, and had a heavy crispy crust to them.

The turkey sandwich in my opinion, was the top selection that we made during that meal.


The Crown Jewel of This Meal!

The turkey was tender, moist, and burst with warm, delectable juices on the inside and out. An interesting thing that they did with the sandwich, was gave you equal amount of white meat and dark meat. This created for the perfect combination of tastes and as a result, left you aching for more and more turkey.

Next we obtained a pulled pork sandwich.


A Hunk of Pork.

Unfortunately for me and my family, the ravenous animal of the family (my Dad), seemed to inhale this beast of a sandwich in what seemed to be one bite. After the beast had wiped the sandwich remnants from his face and neck, he managed to spit out one word: delicious.

Our final treat, was the luscious pile of burnt ends we received.


Me and these burnt ends are friends.

The burnt ends were crisp, and crunchy on the outside, and plump/juice-filled on the inside. This dish was the favorite of my mom, but unfortunately the feeling of enjoyment didn’t resonate with the rest of the family.

Our six sides were: saucy, toothsome baked beans (of which we ordered two), silky, velvety, pillow-like mashed potatoes infused with garlic, a fairly tasty bite of hoppin john (not as good as my moms though), oozy, cheesy goodness, mixed with perfectly cooked ham, and delicate noodles, which created my younger brother’s favorite dish of Mac and Cheese, and finally a wildly disgusting pile of crispy, oily French Fries, doused with a variety of odd, indistinguishable spices.


Overall the restaurant was enjoyable, and it is so convenient after a long tiring day of flying. I would give it, ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Good


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