Tierra Deserves a Tiara For Their Food!


I would first like to apologize to all of my loyal fans for the lack of articles in the past month. I was lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica in July, but have been unable to write as a result of the lack of internet service. While in Central America, I had a chance to sample some of the many delectable foods that the particular area has to offer. From moist, beyond fresh, vivid, bright bananas, limes, coconuts, and numerous crazy other fruits, to non-descript, boring rice and beans, the experience was one to remember. Although this was such an amazing trip, as time went on I began to crave more and more American cuisine.

As I pulled into the LaGuardia Airport in New York City, I yearned for even the slightest taste of American food, luckily for me, my Mom and Dad knew that I needed to dine on American cuisine. The brought me to Tierra in Westport, CT (http://www.tierrawestport.com/) for a new Latin-themed restaurant in our area.

While entering Tierra, we noticed the bland, grey and black atmosphere that took up most of the under-ground restaurant. After being seated in a “Tooth” (table/booth mixture), we were greeted by an excellent waiter, who hit the perfect notes of humor, professionalism, and kindness. After being introduced to our server, we began ordering.

We started with a bowl of smooth, velvety Guacamole and crisp, salty homemade chips.


They Ruac the Guac at Tierra!

Next we ordered our appetizers, I obtained  Chicken Chilaquiles.


Kickin Chicken!

The Chicken Chilaquiles contained moist, perfectly cooked chicken, crunchy fried tortilla slices, a beautiful, vivid, green and white sauce slathered on, and finished with a golden-yolked egg on top.


A clean plate makes for a happy Asher.

Next, we obtained tuna tartare.


This tartare was raw-raw.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the guts to try the dish, but I heard from several members in my family that the tartare was fresh, refreshing, and delectable.

Our last appetizer was a fresh from the farm kale salad with a tangy, lemony vinaigrette, plump hearts of palm, lush avocados and perfectly citrus-y orange segments.


My Mom would eat a bale of kale…

This dish was ordered by my mom, who seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

For entrees we obtained three items: Bronzino, Scallops, and Tuna. The Bronzino was delicious.


Bronzino, what a fish…

The spicy succulent, nearly boneless fish created a harmony of amazing sensations that resonated in my satisfied belly.

The scallops were perfectly golden, caramelized on the top and bottom, and had a soft, toothsome, butter-like center.


The Gold Nuggets of the Sea.

These delicious sea-creatures were served with a silky, green spicy sauce with the perfect consistency. In addition to the scallops, the dish came with a small salad, and bright red hot peppers stuffed with a moist cornmeal filling. A killer entree!

The last entree was Tuna (the special of the night). The Tuna was succulent and grilled to the perfect medium rare, and served on an airy bed of black beans, golden corn, and spicy, beautiful radish greens on top.


I’m Guna Come Back for The Tuna…

The taste reminded me vaguely of chicken, but the marvelous dish encompassed flavors of its own. The spicy flare of the radish greens created a whole new realm of the deliciousness.

For dessert I ordered a Coconut Cream Pie from my favorite pie shop (that sadly is closing their outlet in Westport): Michelle’s Pies.


When the moon hits your eyes, like a big Michelle’s Pie, THATS AMORE.

The pie was smooth, delicate, and the heavy coconut cream in the middle mixed with the light, airy whipped cream  created a party in your mouth.

Overall, the food at Tierra was quite good, but the unexciting atmosphere, and the slow, erratic behavior of the bus-boys (most likely because the restaurant is new), left me yearning for a smoother dining experience. I would give it ZZZV- 3 1/2 Z’s- Good, take the trip!



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