Le Farm

To celebrate my recent graduation, my family decided to make the trip to Le Farm Restaurant in Westport, CT.lefarmwestport.com


A Simple Sign, is a Good One!

Le Farm is an old favorite of the Z Family, and when I heard the reservation had been made, I was ecstatic. The farm-to-table cooking of Le Farm is one of the main draws that makes me crave each and every item on the menu. Another thing that draws me to this Westport Favorite is the constant changing of items on the menu. With all of these contributing factors, and many more, the trip to Le Farm was one that I couldn’t wait for.

As I walked into the barn-like, rustic, woody atmosphere, my stomach began grumbling. The aromatic wafts of food spun off each plate and danced delightfully under my nose. Unfortunately for my Mom, we were seated at the window seat with the sun blaring in her eyes, she immediately huffed and placed her sunglasses on her nose. After getting the sun fiasco worked out, we began ordering. For appetizers we selected 4 dishes.

The first item, was  Fried Risotto Balls. The balls were wonderful.


The Highlight of The Meal…

The crisp, crunchy fried outside blended perfectly with the soft, moist risotto-filled inside. The delectable orbs were resting gently over salty, velvety clam butter, crisp fried onions, and toothsome bacon.

Next we obtained a Frisée Salad. The salad was fresh and contained vivid, bright greens, perfectly browned bacon, pungent blue cheese, and a golden-toned soft-boiled egg.


The Yolk’s On You!

This salad was extremely bitter, and as a result of this, it was not a favorite among the family.

After the salad, we got an order of Stonington Scallops. The Scallops were tender, succulent and perfectly cooked.


The Jewels of the Sea.

Accompanying the delicious sea-selection, was satisfying heirloom carrots, and perfectly-colored beets. This dish was enjoyed immensely by my father (the recipient of this meal).

Our final appetizer, was the Roasted Asparagus.


A Dynamic Combo.

The Roasted Asparagus was nothing special, but what really made the dish great, was the items on the side. The Asparagus came with thinly sliced, airy, salty ham, as well as flakey provolone bread. A Killer Dish.

For entrees we ordered 4 dishes: 2 Burgers, and 2 Gulf Shrimp & Cheddar Grits.

The burgers were perfectly cooked to a juicy, oozing medium, and were topped with tangy pickles, smooth mayo, golden cheddar cheese, crusty bacon, and were served on a soft, pillow-like brioche bun.


Burger Heaven…

Both my brother and I loved the richness of the burger, and devoured each and every bite.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to try the Gulf Shrimp & Grits, but I heard it was great.


This Surely Didn’t Have Shrimpy Flavors!

The marvelously-cooked shrimp paired perfectly with the spicy sausage, fiery jalapeños, and fried onions.

For dessert we obtained a warm, sweet, honey-soaked cornbread slice, smothered in refreshing, chilling gelato, and crisp, delectable candied bacon.


A Fantastic Cornbination.

This dish allowed for a perfect end to the meal, and filled our stomachs to the brim.

Overall, the meal was fantastic, and the excellent service and atmosphere were the icing on the cake to a great restaurant. I would give it, ZZZZV- 4 1/2- Great.



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