This Restaurant Gained A Mikro Spot In My Heart…


“May your potatoes always be crisp and may the cheese “sing” in its freshness. For, what is a poutine but a glorious ode to the perfect melange of spuds, curd and brown roux!”

-LouLou, Laval Ouest, Québec.

Last weekend I went up to Wallingford, CT to visit my brother at school. While there, we began to contemplate where to dine. After reviewing our options for eating, we came to a conclusion that we had syphoned through all the good restaurants that Wallingford has to offer, and we figured we should try something new. With this realization in mind, we began our research on the almighty Yelp. On Yelp we began sifting through Wallingford’s neighboring town’s food choices, and came across a promising location: Mikro in Hamden,


The Crew…

As we pulled into the Mikro parking lot, we had no expectations what so ever (the best mindset to have as you eat at a new restaurant). After stepping into the rustically modern, clean, inviting atmosphere, we were guided by Mikro’s helpful, kind staff to our seats, where we began our feast.

To start our meal, we ordered three items: Deviled Eggs, Homemade Pretzels, and Poutine.

The Deviled Eggs we obtained were delicious, the whites of the eggs were tender and perfectly cooked, and the yolk was creamy, velvety, and spicy.


I bet the devil would enjoy these eggs!

In addition to the basic ingredients to the dish, to elevate the already delicious flavor- Mikro added crispy, vivid, dark green shallots, and a dash of aromatic white truffle oil.

The Homemade Pretzels that we received were also delectable. The crisp, lightly buttered, shiny outside was a perfect match for the soft, pillow-like inside.


Get-zel Some Pretzels!

The pretzels were served with a grainy, spicy mustard strictly for dipping purposes only.

Our final appetizer was the always amazing, trusty Poutine.


Poutine Party.

This Poutine was made up of a base of crisp, oily (in a good way), lightly salted fries, with melted, oozing cheese curds resting gently on top. To finish it off the dish was doused in a heavy dose of rich, thick gravy – the perfect addition to the meal. I would like to add- that my older brother seemed to eat a little more Poutine than he should have- he was a bit sick after the meal.

Moving on to the main courses. For our entrees, we obtained four dishes: one for each of us. Unfortunately, I was unable to sample both of my brother’s dishes, and was only able to enjoy my Mother’s and my food.

My Mom ordered a bright, vivid, colorful selection of fresh, tender beets in salad form, drizzled with a beautiful oil, and served in a way that would attract many a beet lover.


Who Needs Music When You Can Dance To These BEETS?

She thought the dish was tasty, and was a firm believer that we had found the hidden gem of Hamden, CT.

For my entree, I asked for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon and a side of the famous fries. Unfortunately, when the sandwich arrived, it was under-buttered, and the subpar sandwich was filled with flaccid, floppy cheese, a sprinkle of tart, bitter arugula, and NO bacon!


A Subpar Sandwich

To add on to my anger, I had no fries! When I thought this dish couldn’t get any worse, my nerves were calmed by the wafting smell of the incoming fries- with a trajectory directly to my table.


The Perfect Side!

I was satisfied, for the moment.

My older brother ordered a pulled pork sandwich, which I did not taste, but I heard it was all he hopped for it for to be.


This PULLED At My Brother’s Heart Strings

My younger brother ordered the special burger of the day, which he seemed to enjoy; according to his empty plate, and full stomach.


A Delightful Burger.

Overall, the food at Mikro was satisfying, but unfortunately (because of what I ordered), my experience was not as strong as my Brothers’ and my Mom’s were.

Besides the enjoyable food, the helpful, accommodating service, as well as the clean, pristine eating quarters, made the experience we had at Mikro unexpectedly delicious, and led us to a new spot in Hamden.

I would give it, ZZZX- 3 3/4 Z’s- Yum!



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