Texas De Brazil

“Miami Beach is where neon goes to die.”

Lenny Bruce.

Recently, my fellow classmates and I embarked on the annual 9th Grade trip to Miami. As all of you know, when you travel somewhere where you don’t reside, food is one of the most important factors in determining how much you enjoy your stay. I have been to Miami a few times before. and fortunately I know exactly where to eat. Unfortunately, during this excursion, I did not make the choices.  In this article I will give a brief overview of the most delicious establishment we visited during the trip: Texas De Brazil Churrascaria (300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida www.texasdebrazil.com).

Texas De Brazil is a 15-year-old chain of all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steak Eateries that has become an important part of our school’s Annual Miami Trip. Over my 10 years at my school, I heard such good things about Texas De Brazil, that I could hardly stay in my seat in the car (driving to the restaurant).

As I left the car and ran up the rough concrete steps leading to paradise, I could already smell the mounds of tender, succulent meat. While waiting for our table in the vast, spacious, pristine restaurant, I had a chance to take a peek around. As I scoped out the large room, I began to see why this place had been hyped up so greatly. They were everywhere. The meats I mean. Skewered gently on shiny swords, the eye-catching pieces of a variety of different meats dripped with waterfalls of juiciness. I was in meat heaven…

Although I couldn’t wait to embark on my meat excursion, before I could begin I would have to conquer the almighty salad bar. The salad bar was everything you could ask for when it came to appetizers. It contained a fresh sushi stand (I did not have any but heard it was very good), an assortment of delectable, steaming soups, salty, thin, sliced meats, a selection of toppings for your salad, and of course: salad itself.

My Appetizer Selection...

My Appetizer Selection…

After defeating the salad bar, it was time for the main event: the delicately cooked Brazilian meats. Each one of the lamb and beef dishes were rubbed with the the most mouthwatering Brazilian rock salts known to man.

Red Means Stop! Green Means Bring More Meat!

Red Means Stop! Green Means Bring More Meat!

Texas De Brazil dishes out over 15 different meats (all cooked to your preference), and sliced off piece by piece to their loyal customers. There are too many meats to name in this particular review, but I will give you the description of my 5 favorites:

1. Garlic-Crusted Filet Mignon (tender, succulent juicy delicate meat, crusted in a crunchy, crispy layer of crushed garlic). You don’t want to know how much of this I ate…


The Fellow In The Back Is The World Famous: Mr.Paige.

2. Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Drumsticks (perfectly cooked chicken, dripping with warm, soothing juices, rubbed in a parmesan and herb mixture and served to the customers). A must try…

Chicken Drummies

Chicken Drummies

3. Chicken and Italian Sausages (crisp, toothsome, and snappy on the outside, meaty and mouthwatering on the inside sausages, cooked to a delectable perfection). Both sausages were crowd favorites and were devoured by all who obtained them.

4. Herb-Crusted Lamb Shank (kind of the dark-horse of all the meats amongst my friends, Lamb is a very underrated animal when it comes to eating, but this dish blew everyone away. It was perfectly spiced, and it’s unique taste allowed for my classmates and I enjoy something new for a change). Downright fantastic!

The Macdaddy of all Shanks

The Macdaddy of all Shanks

5. Huge Cut Of Flank Steak (the favorite dish of my friends and teachers alike. Personally, I did not enjoy as much as them, but the moist, classic meat was too delicious to pass up). Dynamite!

The Remnants of A Good Cut of Meat.

The Remnants of A Good Cut of Meat.

For dessert (yes I know, how did I have any room left), I obtained my all-time favorite dessert: Key Lime Pie). The Key Lime pie was very tart/ fresh, and the custard-like heavy inside of the cake was only enhanced by the crisp graham-cracker crust. Not as good at Le Tub’s pie (https://asherzeats.com/2013/02/19/rub-a-dub-dub-i-loved-the-grub-at-le-tub/)

Overall, the food, service, and atmosphere were all up to snuff with some of the best restaurants in Florida and will definitely be on my radar next time I am in the area.

I would give it: ZZZZZ- 5 Z’s- quite the experience.



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