The Trip of a Lifetime


“The University Of Connecticut are World Champions”.

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be surprised with tickets to the National Championship Game in Dallas/Arlington, Texas.


Getting Ready for the Big Game!

I am a die-hard UConn Huskies fan and a trip to big game is the best gift a fan could ask for. I have been to this part of Texas before, and one thing that I know for sure, is that food is a major part of the City.

As the plane landed in Dallas, my mouth dripped and drooled as I dreamt of the sweet, saucy, down and dirty Barbecue that Arlington and Dallas are so famous for. After an “easy” trip to fetch our Avis Car, we were off to an old favorite of ours: Sonny Bryan’s. You can view my previous article at:

That night we traveled to AT&T Stadium for the Championship Game. As we walked through the doors of the stadium, we noticed that there were a huge amount of food outlets. For a snack before the game we ordered two small chicken tacos with warm, deliciously seasoned chicken, sweet onions, dark green cilantro, and a creamy, velvety chipotle-like sauce.

chicken taco

Amuse Bouche

Next we obtained classic nachos. The nachos had an abundance of artificial tasting, orange, gooey cheese sauce, tender, saucy crumbled meat, mild jalapeño peppers, and a delectable salsa. While the nachos tasted delicious for the first 5 minutes that we had them, as they turned cold; the nachos became somewhat disgusting.



As many of you may already know, Uconn won!

The next day, we made the short trek from our hotel to Yelp-renowned restaurant: The Glazed Donut Cafe (4306 Matlock Rd, Arlington, TX 76018,


Don’t judge a book by its cover

As we entered the relatively sad looking, plain room, we noticed the glorious donut shelves.


We picked this rack clean

The shelves were piled with shining, moist, soft donuts slathered with flakey, glaze. They were absolutely beautiful.

For our donut selection we ordered 4 donuts:

First we obtained a pillowy, soft donut with a nauseatingly sweet maple glaze, and a sprinkle of crisp, salty bacon.


I was achin’ for this bacon donut, but I was disappointed

The donut was subpar, but it’s presentation and idea made up it’s the decent taste.

Next we got a Cookies and Cream Donut. The donut had a slightly sweet, puffy base with a overly sweet Oreo crème glaze, and a crumble of crunchy Oreo cookies.



The Donut was perfectly cooked and contained the perfect ratio of glaze to base. Delicious!

Our second to last donut was the best. Through all the donuts that I have ingested over the years, I have never come across anything like the Apple Crater.


Please Waiter, another Crater!

The Apple Crater was fried to a snappy perfection and covered in thick, shiny glaze and filled with cinnamon covered apples. Outstanding.

Our final donut was a hard, crusty chocolate donut coated in a sprinkle of coconut shards and thick, gooey caramel.



This donut was not as good as the Apple Crater, but still delicious.

At lunchtime we were absolutely ravenous, for some odd reason we were not tided over by the donuts  my Dad and I enjoyed. For lunch we traveled to two Barbecue Joints to get a taste of the city from a BBQ point of view.

First we traveled to a real down and dirty Barbecue restaurant: Mike Anderson’s (5410 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235, We had heard from Yelp that the BBQ was to die for, and that we needed to give it a try.


An unexpected Treasure

As we entered the low building in which Mike Anderson’s is located, we quickly stepped into the cafeteria style line to get our food before the crowds piled up.


Not so pretty to look at, but delicious

As we passed through the steam tables, we began selecting our feast. First we obtained sweet, tender, simple turkey. Our second meat was two smokey, succulent ribs with a aromatic crust that fell right off the bone.


The ribs and turkey were finger lickin’ good.

Our last meat was a juice-filled, fatty, crumbly brisket (not great).

The meats were served with two sides: Crunchy, slightly nutty fried okra with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and my overall favorite side: baked beans.


Heavenly sides

The baked beans were sweet, slathered with a delicious Barbecue, filled with spicy, toothsome sausage, and perfectly cooked beans.

To top it all off we enjoyed Texas Toast which was very good, but not quite as buttery as I like.


Toastest with the mostest!

After our lunch, we feel that Mike Anderson’s is one of the best Barbecue Joints in the Texas Area and I would definitely recommend it to any lover of Barbecue.

The final restaurant that we traveled to was the Slow Bone (2234 Irving Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207).


I let out a groan as I entered the Slow Bone

The Slow Bone could have been the most hyped up restaurant that we researched on the internet, but unfortunately it was the worst we visited this trip.

As we walked through the fake looking restaurant, we noticed the purposely dented trash cans, and the facsimile pictures and self ripped posters.


Not the real deal

As a result of gorging ourselves at Mike Anderson’s, we were not hungry enough to eat a lot at the Slow Bone. As we made our way through the line, we began ordering. For meat we ordered tender, juicy pork stuffed with shredded, perfectly seasoned sausage.


A Smorgasboard of meats

In addition we obtained dry, tasteless brisket, as well as juicy, soggy, wet sausage coated in vinegary, sweet Barbecue sauce.

For sides we obtained gooey, cheesy, delicious Mac and Cheese with spicy, bright, vivid green jalapeños, as well as oddly spiced pinto beans with a watery, maroon orange sauce. In the corner of our tray we received a sad corner slice of dry corn bread.


The Mac & Cheese was the highlight of the Slow Bone

The Slow Bone fell far below the expectations that online reviews led us to believe, and I would not recommend going any time soon.

Overall the trip to Arlington was a success and the UConn win made the trip even better!

Take the trip!!!!



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