Coffee An’ Donuts: A Connecticut Favorite

As the sleek plane rolled into the airplane terminal at Newark Airport after 2 weeks away from home, there was one thing that I craved: Donuts. Not just any donuts though, the deliciously homemade, classic donuts from Coffee An’ in Westport, Connecticut (343 Main St, Westport, CT 06880).

I am so excited!

I am so excited!

As I woke up on Sunday morning after long day of traveling, I was beyond excited to chow down on the locally loved treats. After entering Coffee An’ and being greeted by the incredibly friendly Greek Family that runs the fine establishment, my Dad, my Brother and I began ordering. We ordered four sweet, crisp on the outside, moist and greasy on the inside donuts, and a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese (A Connecticut Classic).

Within the split second I was given to wait for the donuts to arrive, I had a moment to scope out the restaurant. The small space is littered with pictures of the Coffee An’ family welcoming notable celebrities into their restaurant. While it was obvious that most of the donut consumption was done by take out, Coffee An’ had a limited selection of tables, as well as several bar stools for eating in.

Our first donut was the always delectable Glazed Donut. The donut was moist and fluffy on the inside and was coated with a sweet, flakey glaze on the outside. Be warned: your fingers will get very sticky in the process of eating this donut, so be prepared to use the most important tool when it comes to eating, your tongue.

The Classic!

The Classic!

The second donut on the list is one of my all-time favorites, the Chocolate Frosted. Not to be confused with the chocolate glazed, the Chocolate Frosted should most definitely be one of the first donuts on your radar. The donut has a soft, pillow-like, slightly sweet, plain donut base, and it slathered in a sweet-tooth satisfying, rich chocolate frosting. Amazing.

I am drooling just looking at it...

I am drooling just looking at it…

The second to last donut we obtained was the consistently scrumptious Chocolate Glazed Donut. The Chocolate Glazed was oily and crunchy skinned on the outside, while also having the most fantastic glaze to ever be put on a Chocolate Glazed Donut. The masterminds behind the donuts at Coffee An’ put love and care into the creation of each and every sweat treat, and the Chocolate Glazed is no exception. This donut is off the charts.

Greasy in a good way.

Greasy in a good way.

Our final donut was one I had not ever ordered before, the Twisted Marble Donut. The concoction is a vanilla/chocolate glazed donut, mixed and twirled into one glorious creation. The donut had a distinct snap to it, while also maintaining a sweet and delicate inside to it. This donut was a winner in all of our hearts, and will most definitely be in the mix next time we go to Coffee An’.

A new option for the Z family!

A new option for the Z family!

The final dish we ordered was a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich. The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese is one of Connecticut’s favorite sandwiches, and is whipped up at almost every breakfast joint in the state. The BEC from Coffee An’ was served on a steaming hot, squishy breakfast roll, and contained crispy, salty bacon, gooey, warm cheese, and a perfectly fried egg.

What a wonderful sandwich!

What a wonderful sandwich!

Overall the food at Coffee An’ is fabulous! The care that the staff of the restaurant put into each and every morsel of the food can not be matched at any breakfast place around. In addition to the food, the Coffee An’ family makes you feel right at home with the respect and integrity they treat you with.

This place is a must go! I would give it- ZZZZV- 4 1/2 Z’S- fantastic.


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