I would be leery to go back to Kibberia

This past Saturday, my family and I made the trek to The Kibberia Lebanese Restaurant (http://www.kibberia.com/M/Index.aspx), in Westport Connecticut. Kibberia also has a  location in Danbury, CT. As we pulled open the doors of  Kibberia, I knew we were in for an odd meal. The place was like an airplane hanger, and it was nearly completely empty. It was huge. In addition to the size of the restaurant, Kibberia seemed to be sprinkled with numerous mixed knick -knacks. The final details we analyzed were the walls and chairs. The walls and chairs were painted a array of colors, including: orange, green and blue. The restaurant had a truly weird vibe.

As we observed the great vastness of the restaurant from our booth, we were greeted by our waitress. Although she seemed to have little experience waiting on tables, she showed us great kindness as customers. As we began to peek at other tables, we noticed that the restaurant used plastic plates and pre-wrapped silverware.

To start off our Lebanese Adventure, we ordered a large selection of subpar appetizers. First, we obtained an order of Horseradish Hummus, as well as Plain Hummus. The Hummus’ were served in plastic takeout containers.


A cyclope’s smile.

The Horseradish Hummus was overpowered by the spicy taste of Horseradish, and was lacking in all other tastes besides spice. The Plain Hummus was bland as well, although it’s consistency was very creamy and velvety. The Hummus’ were served with warm, moist pita bread (served strangely in a bag).

Next we obtained a large plate of Grape Leaves. With one whiff of the dish, my nostrils were filled with a smell similar to asparagus urine. This scent was not  a good way to start eating the Grape Leaves.


I wouldn’t rush to get these grape leaves anytime soon.

The dish fell apart with great ease and was filled with tasteless, wet, disheveled rice. The oddest thing about the dish was that the Grape Leaves were served warm, not cold (as they usually are ).

In addition, we ordered a Goat Cheese Flatbread or a”Lebanese Pizza”. The Lebanese Pizza was topped with oddly colored goat cheese, warm, juicy chunks of tomatoes, and an odd yellow bean-like paste.


Not the best pizza I have ever had…

The Lebanese Pizza was disappointing, and the fact that we couldn’t put our finger on one of the ingredients made the experience even worse.

Our last appetizer was a Green Lentil soup. Traditionally Lebanese Lentil Soup is made with Red Lentils, but  Kibberia took another route.


Not the traditional color of Lentils for  Lentil soup.

Although  warm and soothing to the throat, the soup (served in a paper cup) was lacking the flavor and spices to make it a dish to remember.

The table also ordered a taste of Feta Cheese Crumbles, and tangy, oily olives.


More bagged Pita

For entree’s we ordered 3 dishes; a Chicken Shawarma Pita Bowl, a Lamb Shawarma Sandwich, and a Falafel Salad.

The Lamb Shawarma Sandwich was filled to the brim with tender, succulent juicy lamb, as well as floppy lettuce, crumbly feta cheese, and a light drizzle of tahini yogurt sauce. This was one of the only high points in our meal, and was thoroughly enjoyed by my older brother.

The Chicken Shawarma Pita Bowl, was filled to the brim with fresh, cold lettuce, bright red tomatoes, and vivid green parsley. On the bottom was a thin layer of small pieces of warm, orangish bits of  chicken. All of these “delicious” goodies were stuffed in a stale pita shell that was almost as hard as a rock.


The is way too much tahini yogurt sauce!

Lastly, the Falafel salad was made up of an assortment of straight-from the supermarket vegetables, and four crispy Falafel Balls cut into measly 1/4’s.


Dry Falafel Balls can’t be saved by the Tahini

The  Salad was one of the major let- downs  of the meal, and was left almost untouched.

For dessert we ordered 3 things: a Coconut Scoop (a scoop of sugary, sweet coconut, topped with rich dark chocolate), a crunchy, tasteless Milk Cookie, and a slice of Pistachio Baklava (sugar coated pistachios on the bottom, and numerous layers of crispy, honey-soaked Filo Dough on top.


The coconut scoop was one of the lone high points of the meal.

Overall the food at  Kibberia was not pleasing, and I would not choose to have it again anytime soon.

The value of the restaurant is fairly expensive considering the lack of quality of the food Kibberia dishes out, though the portions are very large.

I would rate it- ZV- 1 1/2 Z’s- Yuck


One thought on “I would be leery to go back to Kibberia

  1. Wow! That’s too bad you didn’t enjoy Kibberia. It has become a family favorite for us. We have dined in and taken out numerous times and have always enjoyed the dishes. We go regularly just for the hummus! I agree the atmosphere is lacking (it’s not very cozy), and the presentation is not very interesting (pita in a baggy is kind of strange!), but I enjoyed the pita bread bowl and found it easily broke into pieces and absorbed the flavor of the lemon salad dressing. We will definitely return again and again!

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