The Chelsea

Where does a lobster keep his clothes?

In the clawset!

Last Sunday, after a busy week at school, my family and I took some time to unwind  at the Chelsea on Unquowa Place in Fairfield, CT. ( We arrived at the Chelsea at 2:30 for a late lunch and stayed until about 4:00. As I entered the restaurant a rush of warm, refreshing air fell across my body as I seemed to be rescued from the frigid weather outside. While we waited for a member of the staff to come to our assistance, I was able to survey the room. While looking over the single room of the restaurant, I began to notice the bright, vivid, rich colors sprinkled around the room and the joyous, fascinating feeling the place gave off. The room was riddled with green, inviting chairs.


I Can’t Wait For My Food!

In addition to the chairs, the pristine tables and chairs were surrounded by deep brown walls. The restaurant was relatively empty, aside from a few couples having a late meal and several men and women enjoying a drink at the bar. As we made our way down the aisles of tables to the table of our choice, you could hear the hollow grumble of the Z family’s empty stomachs. When we finally made up our minds on where to sit, we began to order.

For appetizers our family ordered two things: Brussels Sprout and Fried Mozzarella. The Brussels Sprouts were fairly small but packed a large amount of flavor.


It was like eating delicious Brussels Sprout marbles!

If you have never had a Brussels Sprout before, they taste very earthy and rich. These Brussels Sprouts had just that kind of funk. The sprouts were sprinkled with a dash of crisp bacon, a pinch of parmesan cheese, and a hearty helping of warm, sautéed hazelnuts.

The Fried Mozzarella came in the form of two soft pillow-like rectangles, and were crispy and oily on the outside, gooey and oozing with white chewy,dense cheese.


Pleasing to the eye.


Oozing with goodness…

The mozzarella was served on a bed of tangy, eye-catching, bright red tomato sauce and a pleasing green pesto to go along with it.

For our main courses my brother and I both ordered Lobster Rolls. The juicy, tender lobster in the glistening sandwich was held together by a crisp, buttery, toasted pretzel bun, as well as  finely chopped parsley.


Even a mobster would love this lobster.

The sandwich was overflowing with lobster and was served with a side of golden, crunchy fries that were cooked and salted to perfection.

My mom ordered Kale Salad, which she described as “slightly past it’s prime.” Some of the Kale in the salad was fairly limp and yellow.


Yellow kale is never a good thing…

The greens were topped with a crumbly feta cheese, and also included sliced cucumbers and tangy olives. Marinated tomatoes and onions were served on the side. Unfortunately,  the salad was a bit disappointing.

My younger brother ordered the Salt and Pepper Burger (I did not sample this).



To my food-loving eye, the burger seemed to be very moist and succulent, but it was slightly too cooked for his liking. He ordered it medium, but it came well done. The side to the dish was also a pile of their famous fries.

The value of The Chelsea was moderately expensive. Although the dishes were very large, the prices were a bit high for my standards. The service at the restaurant was very pleasant. Their waitstaff catered to our every need and were extremely accommodating. It was an enjoyable winter’s lunch and I would recommend it to anyone in the area in need of a hearty bite.

I would rate it ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Fine.


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