Eat a Rack From Jack’s Stack!

“Health food makes me sick”.

Calvin Trillin.

In the Z Family we keep many significant traditions, but the most important of these is held on New Years Eve. Every New Years Eve, our family chows down on an abundance of different Barbecue items that we order from around the Country.

The tradition began several years ago  when we ordered our first feast from Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart, Texas. This year we obtained our food from Jack’s Stack (in Kansas City). We ordered online  ( and received the food a few days before New Years Eve. The food came frozen, and we kept it like that until the day before we were ready to eat it.  My mom said the woman on the phone was exceedingly friendly and helpful. The food was shipped overnight, and made it’s way to Montana with no trouble.

As the year began to dwindle down into its last hours, we began eating. The first thing we chowed down on were three Barbecued Sausages.



The sausages were crisp and snappy on the outside but juicy and hot on the inside. We used toothpicks to skewer them and dip them into the sweet, smooth original BBQ sauce that Jacks Stack is so famous for (one of the the two sauces). The sausages were devoured by all members of our family, and served as a perfect appetizer to start out the feast.

In addition to the sausage, we ordered two delectable types of Ribs (Baby Back and Pork). Both kinds of ribs fell right off the bone and were extremely moist and tender. The Ribs stayed with us for numerous days and we snacked on them at every chance we got. For the Ribs were had the choice to slather them with either the spicy or the original sauce or just to leave them dry.


Spare me the time to write this, so I can eat.

Every great and memorable meal has mountains of fantastic sides, and this meal was surely no different. For our sides we ordered: Baked Beans, Pulled Pork, and Pork Burnt Ends.

I am an expert on Baked Beans. I live for them. I know exactly what flavors, textures and ingredients a delicious bowl o’ beans needs to have. Unfortunately these beans fell short of my qualifications for a good beans dish.



The sauce was slightly too sweet for my liking and the beans were very mealy, which left the remnants clinging with dear life to your teeth and tongue.

At first glance, the Pulled Pork seemed to be just like a normal store bought dish, but as I plunged the first fork-full into my mouth, I was wrong. Although the meat was succulent and juice-filled, it was beyond salty!


Like a salt lick.

I needed a full glass of water by my plate the whole meal and I gulped it down by the glass.

At last it was time to sample the Pork Burnt Ends. The Burnt Ends were crunchy and toothsome on the outside and erupting with hot, delicious flavors on the inside.


Candy to my taste buds.

We were given just the right amount of the Burnt Ends and they were enjoyed by the whole family.

Our final dish was a highlight. Imagine a moist turkey breast with beads of warm, soothing juice forming on the outside, as a sharp knife is place on the bird. As the knife makes it’s first cut, a fountain of mouth-watering steam wafts itself out of the inside.


A moist slab of turkey…

The turkey contained absolutely no fat, yet it was one of the most flavor-filled animals I have ever eaten.


A pleasant smorgasbord of food.

Overall the meal was extremely enjoyable. If everything was as perfectly made as the turkey  I would be drooling just thinking about the meal, but unfortunately some dishes fell short.

I would rate it ZZZV- 3 and 1/2 Z’s- Very Nice.

The feast was reasonably priced, but the overnight shipping made it a special splurge.


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