Why didn’t the crab share?

He was very shellfish!


A few days into winter break in Montana , our family was extended an invitation to take part in a “Crab Extravaganza” the day after Christmas.

As left the warm confines of our car, we shuffled through the crisp ice and snow that lay like a blanket over the ground. The heavy doors of our friend’s home swung open, as a waft of warm, comforting air fell before us.

As we passed through the tremendous doors, our noses were greeted with the mouth-watering smell of crab, being prepared in numerous different ways.




The first dish that was served to us  was a platter of decadent crab cakes.

I was Crabby until I tasted these!

I was Crabby until I tasted these!

The crab cakes were moist and contained only the finest, most delicate crab, a tiny bit of bread crumbs and Old Bay Crab Seasoning.  The spices blended perfectly with the crab and created a crisp, crunchy outer layer.

Next it was time for the main course. As we took our seats around the brown, smooth wood table, we saw them. Two large dishes piled to the ceiling with two different types of crab. On the far left of the table was a hulking mountain of tender, juicy stone crab claws. They were the largest I had ever seen, and our host told us they were “Colossal!”



The Stone Crab Claws were served chilled. The claws were filled to the brim with perfectly cooked meat and was an excellent second dish to continue the extravaganza.

Our final dish was a tremendous treasure  trove erupting with the finest Alaskan King Crab Claws that I have ever ingested.


2nds, 3rds, 4ths….


Inside of each segment of the long claws was an abundance of succulent, juice-filled crab meat. The King Crab Claws were served hot. The King Crab Claws, as well as the Stone Crab Claws, were served with a small cup of warm, golden butter (for dipping purposes). In addition to the butter, we also enjoyed dunking our crab into a homemade, tangy, mustard sauce made by the mom of the house.

All good food comes at a price, and the crabs were no exception. Each Stone Crab Claw and the King Crab Claws both came at mind-boggling prices and them being shipped to Montana only raised the cost. Although it is definitely a splurge to get them, the taste makes the price just right for a VERY special occasion.

Our dinner ended with a heavy helping of homemade icy sorbet. We had tangy, palate cleansing grapefruit sorbet, as well as sweet, satisfying raspberry/lemon sorbet.

I would just like to send a gracious thank you to the family that hosted our Crab Party and were so hospitable to us. I would rate the Extravaganza: ZZZZZ- 5 Z’s- Excellent!

You too could enjoy such a feast, you can order the King Crabs from  

and the Stone Crab from



You’ll even receive a set of Bibs in your order!





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