The Little Barn, Westport CT

Q: Whats the name of the movie about Bacon?

A1: Frankenswine A2: Hamlet

Last Friday afternoon we took the short trek from school (after a half day), to the Little Barn (, 1050 Post Rd E, Westport, CT). The Little Barn just recently opened next to Barnes and Noble in Westport, taking the place of Swanky Franks. Although going to Swanky Franks in my childhood was always a highlight, I was excited to see what restaurant took its place. Over the late fall to early winter months I began to notice the renovation of the building to accommodate the new restaurant’s needs. They did a fantastic job of making the outside of the restaurant look old and rustic with an extra twist of modern to go along with it.

As I pulled into the Little Barn’s crowded parking lot on a chilly, crisp winter afternoon, I was ravenous. Hating the mornings, I skipped out on breakfast and the fact that there was nothing in sight to be eaten at school, left me starved. Right as I entered the restaurant, I noticed the wide array of table choices, ranging from stools at the bar, to beautifully varnished high tables.



The seats of the restaurant were nearly filled to the brim with businessmen taking a lunch break, as well as happy couples and of course the casual family or two.

As we took one of the only tables available, we met our waitress. She was bubbly and truly seemed to enjoy the crazy antics of our family. In addition to her joyous attitude, she was also very accommodating. One example of this was when she took back one of our forks that had small dirt spots on it.

Although there is no label to what type of food the Little Barn serves, they seem to have a little bit of everything. For appetizers my older brother and I both ordered French Onion Soup.

Really Hot!

Really Hot!

After placing the first spoonful in my mouth, I immediately was burned. Although the broth was hot, it was also extremely soothing and flavorful. Besides broth, the small clay bowl of soup contained soft, tangy onions, pillow-like bread meant for sopping up the broth, and a heavy covering of chewy, stretched out cheese.

Good, but not the best.

Good, but not the best.

Personally, the French Onion Soup was not the best I had ever had, but it still felt nice to ingest on a cold afternoon.

For our main courses I ordered a BLT. The base and top of the BLT, were slightly charred, thick pieces of toast which smelled slightly like gasoline. The inside of the sandwich was made up of fresh, vivid red tomatoes, crisp, clean lettuce leaves, and finally (the core of any good sandwich), bacon.

Hey, Yo! That's too much Mayo.

Hey, Yo! That’s too much Mayo.

The bacon was thinly sliced and fried to a crunchy perfection. The only problem that the dish presented was the amount of mayonnaise. The mayo was fairly warm and was slathered very heavily on both pieces of toast. On the side of my dish I obtained onion rings. The onion rings were slightly oily but made up for it with a crisp, crunchy casing.

My older brother ordered a “Shrooms” Burger. The burger consisted of  a tender, succulent beef patty, as well as sweet caramelized onions, and a healthy helping of juicy mushrooms. In addition to the vegetables, the burger was covered in a warm blanket of cheese and a squishy bun.  He ate it all before I could snap a photo.

My younger brother obtained the Bacon Egg and Cheese Burger. The patty on this burger was erupting with hot juices that dripped onto the plate below and was covered in a layer of cheese, a perfectly cooked fried egg with a golden yolk, and an abundance of toothsome bacon as the crowning feature.

A Mountain of Golden Fries.

A Mountain of Golden Fries.

He received a treasure trove of salty, mouthwatering fries on the side.

Being a vegetarian, my Mom ordered the Vegetarian Bean Burger. Although I did not try the burger, it looked exactly like a real burger (just a little bit more grey) and was inhaled by my Mom.

Beans, Beans, Good for the Heart....

Beans, Beans, Good for the Heart….

On the side, my mom ordered a fresh, light kale salad, bursting with bright flavored and palate-cleansing vegetables.

Finally my Dad ordered a hefty pulled pork sandwich. The sandwich was served on a toasted English Muffin and  was covered with saucy, tender pulled pork.

A Load of Pork.

A Load of Pork.

On the side of the dish, my dad received a mountain of crunchy, finger-licking good  sweet potato fries.

The value of the restaurant was fairly expensive but made up for it with the servings that were big enough to share with another person if needed. I would probably not make the trip back to the Little Barn anytime soon, but it was a satisfying lunch that I would recommend giving a try. I would give it ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Good.


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