The Trifecta!

Over the Thanksgiving break, my family and I chowed down on some delicious food. We had Delectable Boeuf Bourguignon for my birthday, a Thanksgiving feast, and a second birthday celebration with crisp chicken wings. It was the trifecta of eating! Here are some highlights…


Best Side Dish – Smooth, buttery, velvety mashed potatoes, made by my amazing Great Grandmother.


Best Pie – A smooth, warm, vivid orange Sweet Potato Pie with a crunchy perfectly cooked crust. This fabulous creation was made by my Mom.


Best Overall – The rich, warm, soothing Boeuf Bourguignon with toothsome pieces of bacon, tender, juicy wine-cooked beef, and an assortment of scrumptious vegetables. Again, one of my Mom’s Masterpieces.

Honorable Mention – This was just as good as the Boeuf Bourguignon and I wouldn’t even consider it to be an Honorable Mention. My Dad threw together some of the greatest wings I have ever eaten. He fried them to perfection, and then tossed them in a sweet, and tangy honey mustard sauce (homemade), and a spicy, mouth-tingling Buffalo sauce (homemade).


Most Unique – The annual hot, sweet potato dish coated in crisp, sugary marshmallows. Two different family members made their version of this dish and they were both fantastic.


Best Surprise – For my birthday dessert, my Mom made my favorite cake, Crumb Cake. The cake was moist and dense on the bottom and overflowing with buttery, crunchy crumbs piled on top.



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