Don’t Be A Shmoe, Go To Doe’s!

“Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.”


The final restaurant that I am reviewing for my Memphis and Arkansas trip is Doe’s Eat Place (, 1023 West Markham St. , Little Rock, AR 72201 • 501-376-1195)

I am Ravenous!

I am Ravenous!

When I arrived at Doe’s I heard the chatter of the joyous members of the trip excited to receive the steak that Doe’s is so famous for. I also heard the clatter of smooth white plates being placed on the long wooden tables covered in pleasing, white linen tablecloths. As I entered I observed the casual atmosphere,  I noticed the dark brown walls, as well as a collection of shelves containing piles and piles of soft, pillow-like loaves of Texas Toast.

Toastess with the Mostess

Toastess with the Mostess

When we took our seats, a warm waft of air that smelled of steak, erupted out of the kitchen and into my nostrils.

We were quickly greeted by an experienced waiter who explained the menu, and the price of the meal. The menu is quite simple and consists of only shrimp, steak, tamales and salmon.

Short but Sweet.

Short but Sweet.

To start the meal we got both preparations of shrimp. The first shrimp dish that we received was fried shrimp. The shrimp were crunchy and crisp on the outside and warm and moist on the inside.


The other shrimp dish was a broiled shrimp that was tender and slathered in a heavy serving of melted butter. Both shrimp dishes were enjoyed by all.

Broiled not Boiled...

Broiled not Boiled…

Our last starter was a overflowing pile of homemade tamales. The tamales were dense and mealy on the outside and contained a small line of ground beef in the center. These delicacies were wrapped in a wax paper covering, rather than the conventional corn husks. This dish was served with a selection of two sauces. A dark green sauce and a vivid red sauce. The red sauce was slightly spicier than the green sauce.

Hot Tamale!

Hot Tamale!

For the main event we received a hulking platter of steak cooked to perfection according to what each patron ordered. I chowed down on the succulent medium – well steak that seemed to be closer to medium rather than medium-well. Although the steak was slightly rarer than I like it, it was still over-flowing with delectable juices that tingled the chins of all who ate it.



The steak was served with red potatoes and a ginormous pile of Texas Toast (a thick, spongy toast served often in the South). The toast was served with a coating of smooth, velvety butter and a light sprinkling of salt. I ate about 20 pieces of the toast.

I ate way to many pieces of toast.

I ate way to many pieces of toast.

Overall the cuisine at Doe’s was delicious and was a pleasant surprise for all of the ravenous people on the tour. Most of the people on the tour ordered steak but some got salmon. Sadly I was too busy with my steak to taste it. The atmosphere of the restaurant was somewhat plain except for their surplus of delicious Texas Toast. The price was fairly reasonable considering the of all the food we inhaled. I would definitely return to Doe’s and maybe next time I will visit the original in Missouri. I would rate it: ZZZZ- 4 Z’s.


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