Gus’ – A Memphis Treasure

If you were to ask me the one food that I could eat everyday for each meal of the day, the answer would be fried chicken. Speaking of fried chicken, one of the highlights of the trip to Memphis  occurred at Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken restaurant ( Gus’ dishes out some of the best chicken I have ever sunk my teeth into.  When we entered the restaurant, we noticed the small selection of clean booths and tables. We also noticed the various pictures of notable people who have dined at Gus’, as well as the open kitchen with numerous fryers sizzling chicken to perfection.

As we sat down, we were greeted by a very friendly waiter who took our orders and gave us his recommendations of food to make our time at Gus’  one to remember. To start we were brought a warm pile of Fried Pickle Spears. The pickles were crispy on the outside, and were covered with a delectable bread crumbs and dill.


These Pickles tickled my fancy!

The inside of the pickles were warm and erupted with hot juices that dribbled down our chins like drool from a baby. The only bad part about the dish was that it was served with a container of ranch dressing (bought from a store).

For our main meal we got a Three Piece Fried Chicken meal, which contained one wing and two breasts. The chicken was crunchy and oily on the outside and tender, moist, and succulent on the inside.


Kicken Chicken

If you were to squeeze the chicken, a water fall of juice would drip out. The chicken was unbelievable; just remember not to leave the chicken out too long, the juice will make the skin soggy.

Along with the chicken, we ordered two sides. The first was a fresh, bright, creamy pile of cole slaw, the perfect palate cleanser.


My jaw dropped for this Slaw

Our last side was a small baked beans. The beans were extremely sweet and the serving did not contain enough  to satisfy my Dad and I.


Bean-a Palooza!

Although there was a scarce amount of beans, they were still delicious.

Overall, the food at Gus’ was fantastic and it was probably the greatest fried chicken I have ever laid my hands on. The service at the restaurant was extremely accommodating, and we truly experienced true Southern Hospitality. The value of Gus’ was fairly reasonable considering  the amount of chicken in each meal. The atmosphere of Gus’ was very organized and looking at the notable figures on the wall just enhanced our experience. I would give it ZZZZ Z’s- 4 Z’s- Fantastic.


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