Lets Getcha to Mecha!

Last weekend my family and I traveled to Mecha Noodle Bar in Fairfield, Connecticut. I have taken out food from Mecha before, but I have never been to the actual restaurant.

When I entered Mecha, I noticed the clean, natural atmosphere, with slanted two by fours on the walls and a thick, branch-like weave under it. Everything that is served at Mecha is prepared right before your eyes in a small kitchen with a customized wok and various prepared ingredients to choose from. As we sat down, we were greeted by a very friendly waitress who gave us the run down on the menu and took our orders.

To start we ordered three things. First we got a KFC Bao. The KFC Bao contains crispy, crunchy Korean Fried Chicken, with tangy, pickled turnips and carrots, and a spicy, smooth Kewpie Mayo slathered on a light, pillowy dough circle that held the other ingredients. The KFC Bao was delicious and was devoured very quickly by my dad and I. Unfortunately there were only two of them.

Better than KFC!

Better than KFC!

Next we got Chicken Wings. The Chicken Wings were grilled, and charred, a sprinkling of flavorful lemongrass, and on a bed of spicy mango salad. Sadly the wings were a little undercooked and slimy, but  our waitress happily took them back to throw on the grill for a little longer.

A disappointment...

A disappointment…

Our final appetizer was a Kale Salad that my mom seemed to enjoy immensely. The simple salad contained fresh, crisp lightly fried kale, and rich miso vinaigrette. After my mom ate this she exclaimed, “I could eat here everyday!”.

For our main courses we ordered several things. My younger brother and I ordered Pho Ga. The Pho Ga contained slimy, strange looking chicken, hot, soothing beef broth, slippery, bland rice noodles, and was finished off with bright green cilantro. I did not like the Pho Ga very much as a result of its nauseating chicken.




My dad got the Miso Ramen. The Miso Ramen contained dark red miso, toothsome scallions, mouthwatering mushrooms, and was finished off with a drizzling of spicy, chili oil. My dad could not wait to try this dish and he was definitely not disappointed.

My Dad's favorite!

My Dad’s favorite!

Finally my Mom ordered Vegetarian Ramen. Since my mom is gluten-free, the substituted rice noodles for the traditional Ramen. This bowl contained white miso-curry, gluten-free rice noodles, creamy Avocado, perfectly cooked wood ear mushrooms, and bland, taste-less tofu. My mom loved this dish, she loved it so much that she began stealing noodles from our meals!

Strange but delicious.

Strange but delicious.

Overall the food at Mecha was decent but definitely not fantastic. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very odd. The hanging 2 by 4’s on the walls added a mysterious feeling to the time we were in the restaurant. The value of the food was very reasonable.

The restaurant had relatively cheap prices for the large bowls of Ramen and Pho. The service at Mecha was fantastic. Our waitress was very informative and catered to our needs. Overall I would recommend going to Mecha, just make sure you don’t order the Pho Ga! I would rate it ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Good.

No Comment...

No Comment…



3 thoughts on “Lets Getcha to Mecha!

  1. Thanks Asher – we were just talking about this place. Didn’t know anything about it – now I do.
    Here is a place I told your dad about, the one in Bridgeport – haven’t been there in about 2 years but it was good. Maybe we’ll try it one day. http://terrabrasilisrestaurant.com/

    Have a good one!!

    Frank Festini

  2. Totally agree about the gross pho ga. I sent mine back and went the vegetarian pho route. Much better…. Still a good place though

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