Get to Pronto Pronto!

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box in your lap”.

Kevin James.

Last week my brother, my mom and I traveled to Pronto Chop Shop and Pizzeria (, 1241 Post Rd, Fairfield, Connecticut 06825), to enjoy some delicious pizza after school.

A very small pizzeria!

A very small pizzeria!

When we entered Pronto we noticed the small, clean, colorful restaurant with only a couple of tables. The restaurant was flooded with business men who had just left work in the offices near by. Most of them ordered take out.

As we took our seat at a table over looking the kitchen line, we smelled the wafts of delectable pizzas being made. I ordered the Big Boy Meat Pie. The Big Boy Meat Pie contained bright red marinara sauce, juicy sausage, perfectly cooked meatballs, crisp pepperoni, stretchy oozing mozzarella cheese, spicy cherry peppers, and finished with a drizzling of soothing hot oil. The pizza was delicious and was the perfect thing to have after a long day at school.

This pizza is not big enough for a big boy.

This pizza is not that big, despite the name.

My brother ordered a bacon pizza. The pizza was over flowing with crispy, flavorful, crunchy bacon over a melted, warm mozzarella cheese base and toothsome crust. He enjoyed his pizza immensely and did not me even get a bite of it.

You can never go wrong with bacon.

You can never go wrong with bacon.

Finally my mom ordered a salad pizza. The salad pizza she ordered was a Chopped Greek Salad with bright, vivid, beautiful vegetables. The salad was served on a crisp, crusty gluten-free crust (yuck!) and contained a small supply of crumbly, tangy feta cheese. Although the pizza sounds quite odd, my Mom seemed to enjoy the pizza immensely.

A strange looking pizza.

A strange looking pizza.

In addition to pizzas, Pronto also serves fantastic wraps, and  chopped salads. The food at Pronto was very delicious and it is definitely a place that I would like to come back to for a satisfying snack.

The service was also very good. When we told them we were hungry they told us that they would bring us our food PRONTO. The value of the pizza’s was slightly on the expensive side for the medium sized pizzas we obtained.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very small and was filled with bright colored seats and tables. Overall I would definitely return to Pronto in the near future, but this time I will definitely get 2 pies. I would rate it ZZZV- 3 1/2 Z’s- Yum.


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