Don’t DillyDally- get to Sally’s

“Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.”

Amy Neftzger.

A week ago I traveled to a frequently visited favorite of mine for pizza called Sally’s Apizza  in New Haven, Connecticut (237 Wooster St  New Haven, CT. . We went to Sally’s with my grandparents.  We have been going to Sally’s for as long as I can remember, and the pizza has remained delectable each and every time we go.


As a result of Sally’s location in New Haven (the birth place of pizza in Connecticut), they have numerous rival restaurants competing for the title of best Pizza in Connecticut. The most prominent rival is Pepe’s Pizzeria, located right down the street from Sally’s.

When we arrived at Sally’s we noticed the relatively small queue. This was unusual, considering the fact that the line usually curls all the way town the street like a snake. As we hopped in line, my grandpa went inside to ask if it would be quicker to take out or to eat in. He came back and told us that we should take the pizzas home.


This is a gift box.

While we were there we ordered 6 pies for the 5 of us. All but two of the pizzas were served with fresh, bright red sauce and soft, melted, oozing cheese. The pizzas also had  a perfectly charred crispy crust that was to die for. For toppings on the 6 pizzas we ordered an assortment of different things.

First we got fresh tomato pizza with straight from the farm fantastic tomatoes and a sprinkling of flavorful herbs on top. This pizza was not served with any sauce.

We also got a half crispy, juicy  bacon, half hot spice-filled hot pepper. This was a hit among my family.



Next was my favorite, a pizza with spicy, crunchy, mouthwatering pepperoni. I ate 4 pieces of the pizza pie and I was yearning for more after I was finished. After that pizza we got a fresh tomato pizza with hot, tangy sauce under the tomatoes.

You say tomato I say tomato.

You say tomato I say tomahto.

This pizza did not get devoured as quickly as the others but it was still delicious.

In addition we ordered a potato pizza. The potato pizza has no sauce but is covered in crisp, oily potato slices and finished off with some yummy rosemary and herbs. The potato pizza was fantastic and I can not count the number of times I have eaten that pizza at Sally’s.

Our final pizza was a fresh mozzarella pie. The pizza had smooth sauce and was covered in bright white stretchy mozzarella cheese. All of the pizzas that we ordered were fabulous and I would consider it to be the best pizza ever.

A classic.

A classic.

The atmosphere of Sally’s is very dark but filled with old pictures and news articles. The restaurant smells like spicy garlic and melting cheese. The value of Sally’s is extremely reasonable for the impeccable pizzas.

All Gone

All Gone

The servers that work there are very kind and accommodating to all of your pizza related needs. Overall Sally’s is the best pizza I have ever had and I would recommend it to everyone in need of a pizza fix.

In my opinion Pepe’s does not even compare.

I would rate Sally’s- ZZZZZ- 5 Z’s- Wow.

The lack of pizza pix is a result of the ravenous family that I have.

(Bring a breath mint after, your breath is going to smell really bad).


2 thoughts on “Don’t DillyDally- get to Sally’s

  1. I agree with Asher’s comments about Sally’s Pizza. I would also tell people that the line is worth the wait. “. So, don’t go with a raging appetite. Their coke fired oven with the corn meal on the bottom of the crust really makes this pie ” one of a kind”.

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