I Adori Midori

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”

Arnold H. Glasow.

Today for lunch we traveled to Midori  (3000 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT.
(203) 248-3322) to enjoy a feast of Korean Cuisine.  My older brother loves Korean Food and in honor of him going back to school tomorrow, we tried Midori.


Look how happy I am to arrive at Midori!

When we entered we noticed the relatively empty restaurant, except for a few couples eating. We were there in the mid-afternoon on Labor Day so it was understandable why the restaurant was not terribly busy. After we were seated, the waitress/owner sprung into action and took our order.

To begin the meal we each received a choice of a small bowl of Miso soup or  a salad with ginger dressing.  We tried both, a perfect start to whet out appetites.

For starters we ordered Hae-mul Pajeon, which was a crisp, moist scallion pancake filled with delicious seafood such as shrimp and scallops.


My brothers favorite!

The scallion pancake was devoured by my older brother who is a huge fan.

We also got Chicken Gang Jung. Chicken Gang Jung contains numerous crispy fried chicken pieces with a smooth, sweet and spicy sauce drizzled on.


Pretty Clucking Good

I deeply enjoyed this dish and could not stop eating it. The chicken tasted like a spicy version of General Tso’s chicken, but better.

Our final appetizer was Inari. Inari contains flavorful seasoned sushi rice in a slippery pocket of sweet, moist tofu.


Delicious, slippery pockets of rice.

The dish was finished with a sprinkle of black and white sesame seeds on the rice. This was my Mom’s favorite appetizer.

For entrees we decided to go with an assortment of Korean delicacies. First we got Chicken Ramen.


A perfectly arranged bowl of soup.

The Ramen had rich, salty, soothing broth and was filled with bright green baby bok choy and tender perfectly seasoned chicken. The ramen was also finished off with seaweed and scallions. The bowl was fairy large , and it was delicious. I loved the ramen but sadly it was to big for me to finish.

My brother ordered Galbi, which contained succulent, juicy Prime Rib marinated in spicy Korean BBQ sauce.


The highlight of the meal.

His dish was perfectly cooked and its juiciness was just right.

My dad ordered O-Sam Bulgogi.


I would go-gi to Midori just for the Bulgogi.

This contained delectable juice-filled pork and chewy, toothsome squid marinated in the same spice-filled delicious sauce as the Galbi.

With my brother and dad’s dishes they received spicy sesame seed sprinkled pickled radish spears and classic fermented Kimchee.

Next we got Dol-Sot Bibim Bap. They happily made this dish vegetarian upon my Mom’s request (it is usually made with sliced beef).


This Bibimbap is not slop!

Bibim Bap is a famous Korean rice dish filled with fresh from the farm vegetables and special Korean hot sauce. The dish was served in a hot pot to maintain the heat of the food. The dish was extremely colorful and vivid, but once it is stirred up you get a little bit of everything.

Lastly my younger brother ordered two simple California Sushi Rolls.


A very simple roll.

The roll contained crab stick, velvety avocado and was wrapped with seaweed and sticky rice.

The food at Midori was fantastic and it was surprising to find such a good Korean spot in Connecticut. The restaurant is run by a couple that could not have been any nicer.  The husband runs the kitchen and the wife waits tables.


This couple couldn’t be friendlier!

Midori also features Japanese dishes, but I wouldn’t miss enjoying the Korean specialties.

The service at the restaurant was extremely accommodating and our waitress was incredibly attentive. The atmosphere of Midori is slightly plain but it makes for it with yummy food. The value was very inexpensive for the quality and quantity of the food. Overall I would recommend traveling to Hamden to enjoy this restaurant. I would give it ZZZZV- 4 1/2 Z’s- Fantastic.


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