Flying with Ryan

“Ever consider what pets must think of us? I mean, here we come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul – chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we’re the greatest hunters on earth!”

Anne Tyler


A few days ago I traveled to my good friend Sarah and Lee’s house in Big Sky, MT. to enjoy a Vietnamese feast made by our great friend and food connoisseur Ryan Tawwater. Ryan is a fantastic chef and he has a strong passion for making delectable Vietnamese food.

When we arrived we noticed Ryan had his game face on and he was already cooking his delicious meal.


It’s game time!

The smells were unbearable. I was literally drooling, until I received a taste of the glorious food. As I made my way to my seat I could not help but steal a couple more tastes of the meal.


A real treat!

When he gave me the go ahead, I sprinted into kitchen and grabbed whatever could fit on my plate. To start with, I piled my plate high with crispy, shiny Spring Rolls filled with tender pork and straight from the farm vegetables.



The rolls we fantastic and every bite was just was flavorful as the last. Ryan then broke out the fryer and began frying wonton chips. He made a perfectly seared tuna dip with velvety avocados and spicy Sriracha sauce, to put on the hot from the fryer chips. In addition I helped my self to Lotus Root Salad.


I love Lotus Root!

The Salad was filled to the brim with perfectly browned shallots, crunchy sliced lotus root, and delicious mini shrimp. It was a delectable salad and I actually could not stop eating it.

Next was a banana blossom salad with succulent, juice filled grilled chicken, sharp mint, and satisfying fried shallots. This dish was my favorite and I had three servings of it.


A hint of Mint

We also got Rare Beef with Lemon. The beef was extremely juicy and had sour lemon juice drizzled on.


An awesome cooking style

This meat surprisingly not cooked! The beef was sliced and “cooked” in citrus juices similar to ceviche.

As the main course we enjoyed crisp with perfect grill marks on the outside and moist on the inside pork, with a bed of slippery, tasteless noodles on the bottom.


Oodles of Noodles

The only thing that the pork and noodles needed was a little salt and seasoning and then they would be golden.

Another dish was the coconut curry chicken. This dish contained warm, soothing chicken with a tangy, dark green coconut curry slathered on.


I ate this Curry in a hurry!

The dish was very good but could have also used a small amount of salt.

Towards the end of the meal Sarah made smooth, amazing chocolate chip cookie dough.


Nothing’ s better than raw cookie dough

We then pulled out the  cold, chilling Wilcoxson’s ice cream to put on top of the hot, crispy wontons. Next people began wrapping the fantastic cookie dough in wonton wrappers and frying them.


A perfect taste sensation

The result was a crisp skin of wonton with warm, melted cookie dough in the middle. It was a delicious experiment.



Overall the food that Ryan made was absolutely incredible and I could eat it all day.

In addition to the food, the warm hospitality that Sarah and Lee treated us to made us feel right at home. I would rate the meal, ZZZZX- 4 3/4 Z’s- Wow!


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