Pho Real-ly Good

I thought I would someday outgrow ramen noodles. Man, was I wrong.”

Unknown Author.


Every summer I travel to Montana and experience the outdoors first hand. Even though Montana lacks people, it surely does not lack delicious food. For my first day in Montana, my family took me to one of the relatively new restaurants in Bozeman, Montana called Pho Real ( Pho Real dishes out fantastic Pho (delectable noodles with fresh vegetables in warm soup) and creates delicious Banh Mi sandwiches.

When we entered we noticed the clean but relatively empty restaurant. As we made our way to the counter, we were greeted by a short list of what we we could have in our Pho.


The variations of Pho and Banh Mi


As we told them what we wanted, they prepared it right in front of our eyes. They boiled the noodles and then asked me to pick my poison of broths (I chose a silky, flavorful beef broth). After the broth, they allowed me to pick out a delectable meat. I chose the juicy, tender perfectly seasoned chicken to compliment my salty beef broth. In addition the meat, I added numerous vegetables to even out the balance. I asked them for a “traditional” which  contained an abundance of veggies included (spicy green and yellow onions, flavorful basil, mint, and spice-filled jalapeños).


A garden of veggies!


The soup was hot and soothed my throat on a chilly summer day.


So Pho-king good!

This is only the small sized bowl!


The perfect sauces for the occasion

They also gave us a vast selection of sauces to enhance the flavor of our soup. The sauces included a spicy chili and garlic sauce, a tart hoisin sauce, the traditional Sriracha sauce, and the smelly fish sauce.



I had to get every little drop of the salty soup!


We also ordered a Banh Mi sandwich with tender, flaky pork, sweet carrots, a bright green lettuce leaf, and was squeezed in between two perfectly toasted, crisp pieces of bread.


This picture was taken, right before my dad grabbed the sandwich!


Most of the fantastic sandwich was devoured in 5 seconds flat by my Banh Mi Sandwich loving dad, but the little bit I scavenged for myself was delightful.

Overall the food at Pho Real was REALLY good and I would definitely return in the near future.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was very quiet but at the same time, pristine and spotless. The value of Pho Real was excellent. We obtained humongous bowls of Pho and large, long Banh Mi sandwiches that were well worth their individual prices. The service at the restaurant was very friendly and they speedily delivered our delicious food. Overall I would definitely recommend Pho Real to all of my Montana friends and anyone else passing through the Bozeman area. I would rate it ZZZV- 3 1/2 Z’s- Yum!


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