Relais de L’Entrecote

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

Julia Child

For my last and final review in Paris, I will write about Relais de l’ Entrecôte  (15 Rue Marbeuf, Paris, Relais de l’ Entrecôte is famous for one thing and one thing only, Steak Frites (Steak and French Fries). There are several branches of the restaurant in Paris, we went to the one closest to our hotel. When we arrived at the restaurant we noticed the intimidatingly humongous line curving like a snake out the door and into the street.


When a table had freed up, we squirmed our way into our seats. We were then greeted by a very friendly waitress who quickly took our order in an upbeat manner. We all (aside from my Mom) ordered the juicy, tender steak with a mild, dark green secret sauce on top.


In addition to that we got crispy, crunchy fries that were perfect for sopping up the delicious green sauce that fell off the steak.  In addition to the fries, we used the very tasty bread to pick up the last bits of sauce.


Before we obtained the steak we got a light side salad with fresh from the farm vegetables and and toothsome walnuts on top.


My Mom was happy with her salad along with a small cheese plate they offered her as a non meat eater.


She thought it was fine.  She did sneak some fries off my plate as well.

For dessert we ordered profiteroles (flakey puff pastry with cold, refreshing ice cream in the middle).


The profiteroles were served with warm chocolate sauce and flavorful nuts on top. The food at the restaurant was very yummy and they kept bringing us more and more food as the meal went on.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very crowded and loud, but it made for a very exciting meal.

The service of the restaurant was very professional, and they shuffled us and everybody else in and out extremely quickly. The value of the meal was extremely reasonable and it was well worth it for the unlimited meat and fries. Overall I would definitely go if you are in Paris, but get there early, the seats go fast! I would rate it, ZZZV- 3 1/2 Z’s- Good.


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