“It’s funny how cucumber water can taste so much better than pickle juice, even though they come from the same source.”

Ellen DeGeneres

The next and probably best experience was at Frenchie ( . When we heard about the delicious food at Frenchie, we also heard that you need to get a reservation a long time in advance, and being the responsible people that we are, we got a reservation fairly early. When we were in the Paris, we got a confirmation from the hotel for 7:30. When we arrived at the restaurant at about 7:40, we were told that they had already given away our table. They then explained to us, that the hotel confirmed our reservation for 7:00 not 7:30! After we pleadingly explained our story, they willingly accommodated us and seated us in the rustic, small wine bar they own across the small street. The wine bar has the same food as the regular restaurant including a few more choices.

After we were seated with a beautiful view of the hardworking kitchen, we began ordering food. We ordered two sandwiches, a Pulled Pork Sandwich with tender pork, warm BBQ sauce, and perfectly cooked vegetables, all squeezed in between two spongy, soft buns,


as well as a Reuben Sandwich with fatty pastrami, tart red cabbage, and oozy melted cheddar cheese.


Both sandwiches were delicious and were a great start to the meal.

Our next treat was special Iberico Ham that had aged 60 months.


The ham tasted like a salty, mouth-watering version of prosciutto. It was delicious and was devoured extremely quickly.

In addition to that we tried creamy, smooth burrata cheese, topped with refreshing mint and bright green pea pesto. This dish was fantastic.


We also ordered  a springy poached egg, with perfectly seasoned asparagus, velvety cheddar cheese, and sautéed girolle mushrooms. Unfortunately  this treat disappeared before I could snap a photo. The dish was fantastic and we were hankering for more after we had eaten it.

We also had a tortellini pasta with sweet ricotta cheese, straight from the farm green peas, jolting mint, topped with sharp pecorino cheese.  The flavors mixed together perfectly.


In addition we had succulent crab with moist kohlrabi, and flavorful tomato water wrapped in a cucumber wrap, garnished with cherries. These were my favorite and we even contemplated getting another order, even when we were beyond full.


To end our meal we ordered a Tymsboro unpasteurized goat milk cheese that dissolved in your mouth.  This was served with some terrific honey.  The picture is not so good, but the cheese was delicious.


We decided to try all the desserts after we met the chef, and he told us he couldn’t pick a favorite!  We had a small glass container of warm, rich dark chocolate made with silky olive oil. My older brother though this dessert was divine.

We also had an tart Elderflower Panacotta with sweet cherries, and freshly roasted and salted almonds.

Finally we had a mouth-watering field strawberry and hazelnut tart, with cold, crisp yogurt ice cream.The desserts disappeared in a flash- sadly, no photos!

Overall the food at Frenchie was fantastic and I am glad we found  a way to eat there after all of the problems we encountered on the way. The atmosphere of Frenchie was very comfortable and our view of the cooks putting their blood, sweat, and tears into what they were making  made the meal even more enjoyable. The service was very good considering their willingness to accommodate us even though we did not have a reservation. The value of the meal the extremely reasonable for the quality foods we obtained. I would definitely recommend going to Frenchie in your near future, but remember to confirm your reservation with the restaurant before you go. I would give it ZZZZX- 4 3/4 Z’s- Fantastic.


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