Normandy- Unforgettable

“The hand that dips into the bottom of the pot will eat the biggest snail”.

Wole Soyinka

During our trip to Paris, we also took an outing to Normandy to observe the place where over 29,000 American Troops lost their lives fighting for our Country. We visited a museum that outlined the history and told stories of many of the young soldiers. It was an extremely moving experience to walk on the beaches and the cemeteries, and afterwards we felt a good meal was in order.



Our guide suggested we try La Cale (28, Rue de Southampton 14960 Asnelles Tel 02 31 21 48 78), which he said would have no tourists and authentic French Cuisine.

When we entered we were sat down at a large table with a good view of the rest of the restaurant. We immediately ordered a bottle of hard cider, which Normandy is famous for.  It was not as sweet as regular cider and slightly alcoholic.  We had water too!


When we had made up our minds for what we were going to eat, we began ordering. Before we could start ordering, they arrived with an Amuse Bouchée. This Amuse Bouchée contained a chunky turnip purée with a tender frogs leg on top!



The frogs leg tasted a little like a chicken wing but it had a slightly gamey flavor. The Amuse Bouchée was fairly good and I ate two delicious frogs legs!

After our treat, we started ordering. We got cold, refreshing oysters with a contraption that squeezed lemon juice on top.


These were ordered by my mom and she happily devoured the slimy critters extremely fast.

Next we ordered small cooked fresh tomatoes filled to the brim with juicy escargot and garlic juices.


This was served upon a fine celery purée with hot, crunchy chorizo on top. The escargot was fantastic and it was my first escargot ever.

After the delicious escargot, we obtained, a spicy seafood soup with numerous kinds of vegetables and countless types of succulent fishes.


For our main meals we ordered Boeuf Bourguignon that was deconstructed.


The dish contained tough, fatty steak with a hard potato and a thick piece of chewy bacon on top. The dish is usually one of my favorite things in the world, but this particular one did not please me at all.

In addition to the disappointing Beef, we ordered a treasure chest full of moist, tender mussels with a warm, salty garlicky sauce for dipping our bread in.


This was the first time I had had mussels in awhile and they were beyond yummy. I kept eating them like popcorn. They were served with a bowl of golden, crispy french fries (frites).

Finally we had a platter full of seafood.


My Dad enjoyed the selection of local seafood, but had to push the mussels aside as he is allergic.

For dessert we ordered three things. The first dessert was a vast variety of creamy and sharp cheeses with a small airy side salad,


as well as a perfect lemon meringue creation which was delicate and delicious.


The next dessert was a mountain of bright, vibrant, sweet fruits over-flowing out of a crisp, sugary cracker shaped like a bowl.


Overall the food at La Cale was fantastic and as close to authentic French Food as we were going to get on the trip. The atmosphere was a little plain and dull, but it made up for it in the happy voices of the locals. The value of the restaurant was not expensive and well worth it for the amazing cuisine. The service at the restaurant seemed very accommodating, although we could not understand what our waitress was saying because of the language barrier, we all smiled a lot, and it worked!  Overall, La Cale was just what we needed after exploring Normandy. I would give it ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- Scrumptious!


2 thoughts on “Normandy- Unforgettable

  1. Hi Asher,

    I am one of your subscribers and I was wondering if you can recommend a restaurant in Westport, SoNo, Fairfield, Wilton areas that are kid friendly but at the same time festive and yummy for an adult birthday celebration. This is needed for Thursday, July 18th. Tarry Lodge, Rizzuto’s and Sakura are not in the running, as we’ve been there too many times. Thanks in advance for any good suggestions.

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    • Hi, I am sorry for the wait. I have been at camp for the past month so I haven’t been able to respond to you. I am a big fan of Safita in Fairfield and The Whelk in Westport. I also love Coromandel in Fairfield if your family wants a kick of Indian Spices for a birthday celebration. In addition Bonda is fantastic and they accommodate to any sort of celebration very well. I hope these recommendations help you find a party spot!

      Best Regards,


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