Paris by Mouth

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”

Bernard M. Baruch


In addition to going to numerous restaurants while we were in Paris, we also went on a food tour of some of the best food around in Paris. Our tour was led by famous food blogger and food based tour guide, Meg Zimbeck ( Meg is originally from Kansas, but she moved to Paris to do what she loves, EAT!


I would recommend Meg in a heart beat to anyone who wants to discover the real wonders of Paris. Skip your trip to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, and explore the delicious foods of Paris. While the rest of my family enjoyed the stops at museum and the sight seeing, I enjoyed the eating.

To start off our eating extravaganza, we traveled to Poilane to have some freshly made breads and pastries.

After we sat down in a nice alcove, we ordered a regular Croissant, a Pain  Au Chocolate (a chocolate croissant), an Apple Pastry, and a Cappuccino.


The Croissant was the best I have ever had. It was crispy, flakey and perfectly browned on the outside and coated with warm butter on the inside.


The Pain Au Chocolate was the same deliciousness but it contained a smooth, melted bar of chocolate. This was my brother Hayden’s favorite. He ate this one in the blink of an eye, and I barely had a chance to try it!

The Apple Pastry was coated in Croissant like flakey material and contained a mountain of cinnamon coated apples. It was delicious.


Finally we tried the cappuccino. The cappuccino was very strong and made me want more every time I drank it.

While at the restaurant, I was lucky enough to run into the world renowned blogger, David Lebovitz.


Next we tried Macarons from Pierre Herme. Although many believe Laurderee to be better, it is now Pierre Herme that takes the crown for the best.


We ordered numerous different types of Macarons. These flavors were, Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Salted Caramel, and a Spring Flavored Macaron (refreshing cucumber, basil, mint, and other spring time flavors).


Macarons have a thin layer of crispness on the tops and is moist and squishy in the middle. Before I traveled to Herme, I was not a huge fan of Macarons, but after going, I can definitely say, I love them!

After sampling the Macarons, we stopped at a closed (indoor) market that is open all of the time. There we sample various types of charcuterie, cheese, and wine. The cheeses we tried had aged from 3 days to 29 months!


On our journey to flavor-town (as Guy Fieri) we tasted goat, sheep, and cow milk cheeses. We were very lucky to travel Paris when we did, because it is in fact goat milk season. As a result of this, the cheeses were creamy and smooth. One of many the cheeses we tried Rove Thyme Goat Cheese. This cheese was slightly lemony and was made from Rove Goat’s milk in Province. This hard cheese was shaped like a taco and was filled to the brim with Thyme.

My favorite of the cheeses was a Gooey Cow Cheese, that I literally ate with a spoon towards the end of the meal.


The charcuterie that we ate was just as fantastic. We sampled a tender, flavorful garlic sausage, spicy salami, salty prosciutto like meat, and a ham that would be fantastic in a Cuban Sandwich.


As for the wine, there is no drinking age in Paris, so we could drink as we pleased.

Our last stops were all dessert related. First we stopped at La Maison Du Chou, a spot  with minimal seating for made on the spot cream puffs.


These Cream Puffs were made right in front of your eyes. They had the shells already made


and you just asked for moist chocolate, whipped, creamy natural, and brain-jolting coffee. We had a variety of each. They filled them in front of your eyes, so they wouldn’t get soggy, waiting for a hungry mouth to enter.


The Puffs were cold, and cleansed our palates from a long day of eating.

Next we traveled to a small chocolate and caramel shop ,Henri Leroux, to taste how chocolate and caramel are meant to taste.


I had a raspberry caramel that tasted a little funny in the beginning, but developed a deliciously fruity aftertaste.


When we entered the chocolate section, I needed a little time to digest, so I took a little break from eating.


The rest of my family declared the chocolates delicious!

Our final stop on the tour was not planned. We stopped at a favorite of ours, Grom.


Grom dishes out fantastic gelato in both Italy,  France, and even NYC. While there I ordered a chilling bowl of Lampone and Lemone (Raspberry and Lemon). Although I ordered a granita, it was still refreshing and delicious.

Overall the tour was fantastic, and if you are considering a tour with Meg (which I am positive you all should), don’t worry about bringing eating utensils, Meg comes prepared! She brought her own knife and carries her own plates, platters, and place mats. She also brings all of the utensils you can think of. 

If you are planning to be in Paris,  ask Meg to show you around the best foodie delights!


11 thoughts on “Paris by Mouth

  1. Asher,

    This sounds like an amazing trip and tour. I will keep this in my travel section so we can experience a tour with Meg when we go to Paris.

    Thanks for all the great info. My mouth is watering!!!!


  2. Hi Asher: It was great to run into you as well, and glad you had fun on your tour with Meg. Happy you found some great places to eat in Paris! A bientôt!

  3. Thanks for bringing back great memories of my 2 tours with Meg in May! Her tours are terrific- I did one similar (but not identical) to yours on a Sunday morning, but didn’t have the pleasure of a surprise meeting with David!

  4. Hi Asher,

    My husband and I visited Paris last November and booked two Paris by Mouth tours (one wine, one food). We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Meg, as well. I really enjoyed your post – it was a nice walk down memory lane! So jealous you bumped into David – what a treat!

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