Jules Verne- Paris- 5Z’s!

“I ought to be jealous of the tower. She is more famous than I am”.

Gustave Eiffel

For our next summer stop, we travelled to one of the food capitals of the world, Paris. While in France we ate so much delectable food that I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my clothes don’t fit anymore. For our first meal we traveled to Fontaine de Mars, but to save some time I will talk about the second stop, which was my favorite by far, Jules Verne (http://www.lejulesverne-paris.com/).

Jules Verne is located in the middle of the Eiffel Tower and received a Michelin Star for excellence in food, service, and atmosphere.

When we entered the entrance of the restaurant we noticed the sleek elevator awaiting our treacherous ascent through the smooth metal of the Eiffel Tower to the beautiful views and comfortably fancy atmosphere of Jules Verne. When we entered Jules Verne we were greeted by an army of extremely helpful and friendly waiters and waitress that truly embodied the perfect attitude towards treating everybody with respect and care. The group of waiters and waitress then guided us to our table. Our table had pristine views of numerous land marks in Paris. Along with the beautiful views, we had beautiful food.


As we just got settled in, they brought us an Amuse Bouchée. This treat was crispy cheese crackers with grains.


The Amuse Bouché was delicious and it didn’t take much more time to obtain another one. This one was a light, cold cucumber jelly with crispy croutons and whipped creamy goat cheese.


This Amuse Bouché was delicious and the flavors paired nicely. In addition to the Amuse Bouchées, we got a large selection of breads, ranging from dark crusted spongey bread, to moist, buttery croissant like pastries, and white crusted springy bread.


They also served us their signature butter that was salty and velvety. It was a PERFECT condiment for the amazing variety of breads.


To start we ordered a bright green pea soup that was chilled and contained sautéed mushrooms and peas. The fantastic soup was topped off with a fried egg that oozed with a perfected cooked golden yolk and a side of creamy basil cream.


The soup was beyond delicious.


We also ordered tender, succulent salmon with smooth goat cheese and shaved carrot on top. In the middle of the two slices of salmon, was an onion jelly that complimented the salmon perfectly.


In addition it was served with a spiced soft crouton.

We also ordered two types of entrees. Our first entree was moist, mouth-watering pork with a flavorful brown sauce and topped with a crisp, perfectly salted onion ring.


The meal was perfect and satisfied my hunger although it was not huge. On the side was a warm, buttery pile of mashed potatoes that were some of the best I have ever had.


Our last entree was a delectable, fish that melted in your mouth and was served with straight from the farm vegetables.


An assortment of delicious small desserts including out of this world macarons,


and a white chocolate covered vanilla cream and spongy cake.

They also brought us a raspberry cream over a dark, rich chocolate, with raspberry syrup filled raspberries on top.


The dessert was served along with icy, flavorful raspberry sorbet.


The sorbet cleansed our palates and prepared us for our next dessert.

The next dessert was homemade earl grey tea marshmallows that tasted like Fruit Loops and pungent, fantastic fudge squares.


In addition to that they gave us a selection of cheeses that were paired up with a specific food to put it on or a condiment of the cheese.


Finally we ordered one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had. The cappuccino contained deliciously made coffee and was topped off with thick, heavy whipped milk with cinnamon, chocolate and sugar on top.


The drink was very warm and it was a great end to a delicious meal.

The food at Jules Verne was fantastic, and what I would consider to be the best on the trip. The service at Jules Verne was flawless and the kindness they showed us went above and beyond any place I have ever been to. The atmosphere of Jules Verne was incredible. The pristine views and elegantly modern restaurant only made the meal better.

Although the meal was pricy, the quality ingredients that they used shows that you have to splurge for good things sometimes. Overall I would DEFINITELY recommend this restaurant to you if you are anywhere near the Eiffel Tower. In fact I would love to be there right now. If you are thinking about going, be sure to make a reservation at least a couple months in advance. The tables are very hard to come by! I would rate it ZZZZZ- 5 Z’s- Wow!


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