Pull up a Chair at The Bull and Bear

“When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.”

Cathy Guisewite

To start off my summer break, I traveled to Disney World for a Zelson Family trip. As my first and only review, I will write about the Bull & Bear located in the Waldorf Astoria, Orlando (where we resided for the trip). We went to the Bull and Bear for my grandparents 50th anniversary!

Bull and Bear is famous for their steaks and meats. When we entered, we were guided to a secluded back room (the wine room) that was very quiet and contained a beautiful set up of silverware and plates. We were then greeted by a herd of extremely friendly waiters, who did all that they could to cater to our needs.

After we had perused our way through the delicious sounding menu, we began ordering. To start we ordered two soups. These delectable soups were the Florida Farms Corn Soup


A Fantastic Cornbination

and the Lobster Bisque.


A Disappointing Bisque

The Corn Soup contained a small cheese sandwich, with warm, spicy, pulpy corn broth. It was a delicious soup and I could not stop eating it, although it was a very small portion.

The Lobster Bisque contained a chewy, tough piece of lobster with creamy, smooth lobster bisque on top. The Lobster Bisque was fairly salty and overall not delicious.

A special treat was the Caesar Salad, made tableside. It was said to be a delicious addition to the meal.


The Staff at the Restaurant Couldn’t Be Nicer!

We also got a smooth burrata cheese and fresh tomato salad with a light vinaigrette  that everybody enjoyed greatly.


Alotta Burrata!

Our final appetizer was the Tuna “Ring Around The Rosey”. This dish contained three delicious types of tuna with a refreshing Florida Citrus and iced ocean salt.


A Fishy Dish

My mom thought the presentation was fantastic and the food was just as good.

For our main course we ordered a succulent, tender tomahawk steak that was still on it’s humongous bone. The meat was smokey and spiced on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside.


Nothing Like A Fat Candle

The best part about the meal was the fact that there was a fat candle on the side! They constructed a candle out of the fat from the steak and melted it to be poured on top of the steak. It was a sickeningly delectable  invention that everybody enjoyed.

In addition we ordered numerous sides including cheesy, gooey bacon Mac and Cheese with crisp pieces of bacon mixed in and smooth, creamy mashed potatoes erupting with sweet and salty butter.


Delicious Sides!

We also ordered crunchy, starchy French Fries with spicy garlic and light Parmesan cheese on top.


Parmigiano Amaziano

The sides were so good that we got doubles of each one.

Finally my mom ordered locally caught sword fish that she thought was decent.


A Decent Slab Of Sword Fish

For dessert we ordered two things. First we had crispy, oily (good oily) on the outside, moist and airy on the inside beignets, which are just like donuts.


A Highlight!

They dusted the beignets with a little powdered sugar and served with warm chocolate, caramel, and vanilla sauces for dipping purposes. The beignets were amazing!

We also had The Lemon. The Lemon is the candied rind of a Lemon with light lemon sorbet inside and some swirled heavy whipped cream.


So Beautiful I Could Eat It!

The Lemon was made with such care and precision, that it looked flawlessly like a real lemon.

Overall the food at Bull and Bear was very satisfying and I would recommend it when ever you are in the Disney area. The atmosphere was perfect. Our secluded wine room gave us a chance to talk and celebrate the wonderful occasion. The value of Bull and Bear was expensive but it was worth it for their quality meats and such. The service was very good. The waiters and waitress made our stay very enjoyable by keeping a watchful eye on us at all times. Overall the meal was extremely fun and the experience was even better. I would give it ZZZX- 3 3/4 Z’s- Yum!


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