Party at Paci!!!

“The crab that walks too far falls into the pot”

– Haitian Proverb


Last weekend, my family traveled to a long time favorite, Paci (, 96 Station St, Fairfield, CT). I have been to Paci numerous times and I have loved it every time more than the last. The only problem is, I haven’t reviewed it for my blog yet!

Paci is an elegant, fancy restaurant located near the Southport train station that dishes out huge, endless portions of Italian delicacies, ranging from Arancini to Soft Shell Crabs. The food at Paci is fantastic no matter what you get.

When we entered Paci, we noticed the always classy, crisp atmosphere. From the beautiful white table cloths to the tremendous projected clock on the wall, everything is eye candy. After we were shown to our seats, we were greeted by an extremely friendly, accommodating harmonic chorus of waiters. The waiters then took our orders.

To start they brought us a small bowl filled to the brim with creamy whipped ricotta cheese that was topped with silky olive oil. We spread this glorious mixture on the tasty spongey bread they served us.


A good way to whet my appetite


Our family also ordered two orders of delicious Ceviche. The Ceviche contained tender scallops, fresh shrimp, succulent calamari, crunchy cucumbers, red onions that gave the dish the crunch that it needed, curry, and a squeeze of lemon and lime. The fish in the dish were served raw but they “cooked” in lemon and lime juices.


I can smell the sea….


In addition, we got Antipasto Di Paci. The platter contained numerous delicious meats, including sweet pistachio mortadella, sour pickled mushrooms, hot and sweet sopressata, and melt in your mouth lomo. The platter also contained a selection of assorted cheeses, including sharp pecorino cheese.


A platter of deliciousness


As compliments of the house, they allowed us to sample their Tuna Tartare. The tartare was extremely fresh and even more refreshing. They served it with a mountain of crispy, salty chips to put the tuna on. The Tuna Tartare was a HUGE hit at our table!


Tuna Tartare- a crowd pleaser


Finally we ordered creamy, smooth mozzarella cheese with juicy tomatoes and grilled eggplant. The eggplant was not quite what I expected, but the mozzarella and tomatoes quenched my hunger.


Next time- just Tomato and Mozz for me

For our main meal, my mom ordered a nice dish of delicious gluten-free pasta with juice-filled shrimp and garlicky marinara sauce slathered on. She enjoyed the al dente pasta very much. My older brother ordered the same meal but FORTUNATELY, his was not gluten-free.


Not a shrimpy portion

My dad ordered the Chicken Scarpiello (large pieces of moist chicken with spicy, mouth-watering chili peppers on the side). He was very happy and finished every bite.


Huge pieces of garlic kept the Vampires away

Finally I ordered fantastic shell crabs, bursting with sweet warm juices and resting on a soft bed of quinoa and roasted greens. The soft shell crabs were so delicious that I had a craving for them  for the whole next week.


I was Crabby before I ate this meal!


For dessert my brother ordered a Cannoli. The Cannoli was crispy and flakey on the outside, and smooth and velvety on the inside. He devoured the Cannoli.


Holy Moly look at that Cannoli!

For dessert I ordered a pile of icy, mixed berry sorbet with fresh mixed berries on top.


A fruity finale


Overall the food at Paci is fabulous and the ever changing menu always makes it exciting to order. The atmosphere of Paci is just as impressive. It is not just elegant and beautiful, but also extremely comfy and inviting. The value of Paci is fairly expensive but it is well worth it for the quality food. The service is fantastic. The waiters at Paci are extremely accommodating and the fact that they work so well together contribute to that fact.

Overall Paci is delicious, and I would recommend it to you in a heartbeat if you are in the Southport area. I would give it, ZZZZV- 4 1/2 Z’s- Amazing.



2 thoughts on “Party at Paci!!!

  1. Always enjoy your reviews. We’re be in Norwalk for the Highland Games in July. Any recommendations there? Thanks.
    Judi, fellow road food enthuiast

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