Strut on over to Chicken Scratch!

A Jewish woman had two chickens. One got sick, so the woman made chicken soup out of the other one to help the sick one get well.

Henny Youngman


The next and final restaurant of our food extravaganza in Dallas was Chicken Scratch (, 2303 Pittman St. Dallas, TX 75208). People flock (no pun intended) to Chicken Scratch daily, and the reviews just keep getting better. It is obvious to say, people love Chicken Scratch!


Who are those sexy chicks?

When we arrived at the restaurant, we noticed the truly unique atmosphere. Along with a small selection of indoor tables, the restaurant possesses an abundance of outdoor seating. The seats outside were traditional picnic benches.


The Gang’s all here

The seats were not the only impressive aspect of the atmosphere! Along with the seating, the water storage tanks of Chicken Scratch were lit up with numerous different colors.


Tanks a lot Chicken Scratch!


In addition to that, Chicken Scratch has a large stage for musicians to perform on.  The stage was a large semi circle which was made out of used crates and other pieces of wood. It truly embodied the word “one of a kind”. When it was time for us to order, we walked into the indoor section of the restaurant to pick our poison.


To start we ordered  Hummus Wraps (a lettuce leaf filled to the brim with creamy, delicious hummus, and assorted fresh vegetables).


Hummust try this!

My Mom said the wraps were delicious and the simplicity of it made it even better. My Mom also ordered a bright, vibrant salad with spicy peppadew peppers, and professionally cooked spiced quinoa.


A salad fit for Kings (or Queens in this case!)

The salad was sprinkled with crushed sea salt and pepper. It also contained, “straight from the farm” vegetables.

For our main meals we ordered a ton! First we obtained, tender chicken on a moist biscuit with crisp, satisfying French fries. We also got side order of succulent ribs.


My 4 favorite food groups- Biscuits, Fries, Chicken and Ribs

The ribs were covered in a warm, smooth BBQ sauce.

In addition to that we ordered crispy on the outside, hot and juice-filled on the inside, fried chicken fingers, with silky, velvety mashed potatoes smothered in creamy gravy.


Don’t be chicken – eat this chicken!

For dipping purposes, we ordered mouth-watering BBQ Sauce, thick homemade Honey Mustard, and spicy, tangy Buffalo Sauce. The chicken was delectable but the only thing that took away from it perfection was the fact that the breading kept falling off the actual chicken. Other than the faulty breading, the dish was fantastic.

Finally we got one half of a perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken with flavorful herbs and pickles on top.


Wishing for his other half

The chicken was moist on the inside and toothsome on the outside. The chicken was so succulent, that we kept eating more and more of it and wishing we ordered the full bird.

We finished off our meal with refreshing, palate cleansing homemade popsicles. The popsicles were cold and cooled us down on a hot night. I ordered a cold lime popsicle.

Overall the food was excellent and I side with the critics on this one. Chicken Scratch is delicious! The atmosphere of the restaurant was extremely distinctive and it’s one-of-a-kind features made the experience even more enjoyable. The value was fairly reasonable and it was surely worth it for their large portions. The service of Chicken Scratch was very accommodating. Although we did not chat with the wait staff very much, they seemed awfully nice. Overall I would recommend Chicken Scratch for a night out in Dallas, but be sure get there early, they don’t take reservations! I would give it ZZZX- 3 3/4 Z’s- Great!




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