We’re Talkin’ Tacos, Velvet Tacos

There’s a fine line between being tan and looking like you rolled around in Doritos Locos tacos.

Unknown Author.


The next stop on our food extravaganza was as delicious as velvet is soft. In fact, we traveled to a restaurant that was called Velvet Taco!


A good sign

Velvet Taco (http://www.velvettaco.com/, 3012 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX) was my moms favorite restaurant of the trip and she wanted to return time and time again. Velvet Taco dishes out sophisticated tacos with a messy twist. (We were so anxious to try it, that we went at 9:30 A.M. for breakfast!).

When we entered the restaurant we noticed the unique modern atmosphere that reminded me of Shake Shack. In the restaurant intricate light fixtures lined the ceiling, and the walls were made out of a light, inviting smooth wood.

When it was time to order starters we got Breakfast Tots (crispy tater tots that were fried to perfection, slathered with tart sour cream mixed with scallions, and an expertly cooked egg with mixed micro-greens on top).


Napoleon Dynamite would have loved these tots

The tots were amazing and a great start to the meal.

In addition we ordered Rotisserie Corn (smooth queso fresco, silky, sharp asadero cheese, spicy Valentina hot sauce, a sour lime squeezed on, with tender juice filled corn swimming around in that mixture). The corn was interesting, but I’m not sure I would order it again.


An interesting corn-bination


For entrees my family ordered an incredible amount of tacos. My mom had a Wild Mushrooms Taco, with aromatic mushrooms, sour onion chutney, starchy purple potatoes, fresh greens, all wrapped in a crisp lettuce leaf.


Taco batch #1

My mom adored this taco! She also had a Falafel Taco (crumbly, delicious falafel, creamy Tzatsiki Sauce, refreshing arugula, “straight from the farm” tomatoes and avocados, sharp red onions, wrapped in a delicious lettuce leaf).


Taco batch #2

My younger brother and Dad ordered the Cuban Pig Taco, which contained silky gruyere cheese, succulent slow roasted pork, crispy shaved ham, spicy  peppered bacon, grain mustard, and dill-infused pickles, wrapped in a crispy flour tortilla.


For my main meal, I ordered the Cornmeal Fried Catfish Taco (butter-like catfish coated in a fantastic cornmeal coat, tangy remoulade sauce, warm, smoked chili butter, all wrapped in a muted, blue corn tortilla).


The final batch

Finally we ordered the Bacon and Egg Taco (crunchy bacon, golden brown scrambled eggs, gooey cheddar cheese potatoes, and hot smoked chili butter, on a soft flour tortilla). This taco was very simple, but everybody enjoyed the genius combination.

The food at Velvet Taco was fabulous and as my mom put it, “the best food on the trip!”. To drink we had a tall, icy Coca Cola, with real sugar (from Mexico). In addition we tried Kombucha for the first time.


Holy Kombucha that was good!

Kombucha comes in multiple different flavors and is made from fermented green tea. Just warning you, if you have problem with gas, do not not lay your lips on the bottle! It is extremely bubbly. Needless to say, after one sip, we were all hooked.

The atmosphere at the restaurant was also astonishing. The restaurant had huge communal tables everywhere, that reminded me of kitchen counters. The value at Velvet Taco was a little more expensive than a normal taco joint but it made up for it in the freshness of the ingredients. The service of the restaurant was very accommodating and the people that took our orders were very kind.

Overall, Velvet Taco was fantastic and I would definitely return soon. I would give it, ZZZZV- 4 1/2 Z’s- Amazing!



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