You’ll be Hearing about Fearings!

“I don’t eat friggin’ lobster or anything like that. Because they’re alive when you kill it.”


The next place we traveled to in Dallas, was Fearing’s (, 2121 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX ). Fearing’s is located right in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton. Although we knew Fearing’s was going to expensive, we decided to try it anyway. Another reason why we went to the restaurant was because Dean Fearing (the owner of Fearing’s) is one of the most renowned chefs in Dallas.

When we entered Fearing’s we noticed the modern, clean atmosphere and the pristine open kitchen. As a result of open kitchen, you could see all of the tedious prep work put into each meal. Soon after we arrived, we were guided to a beautifully set up table in the open kitchen. After we sat down, we were quickly greeted by a kind and courteous waiter who took our order and strived to please us in every way possible. For example he brought out the chef who personally guided my mom through what she could eat and what she couldn’t. This is because of her dairy and wheat allergies and her vegetarianism. In addition he requested special dishes to be made for my mom’s enjoyment.

Just as we arrived, we noticed a heaping, hot basket filled with numerous breads. There were spongy bacon, corn and oozing cheese muffins, as well as springy white sliced baguette, and a crisp cracker. My favorite was the muffin because of the unique mix of flavors.


A big ol’ basket of bread

When it was time to order appetizers we got Coconut Lobster Bisque (creamy, soothingly warm Coconut bisque with  hints of flavorful lobster). The Lobster Bisque contained a hefty lobster potsticker filled to the brim with delectable goodies.


Delisque Bisque

The bisque was warm/toasty and coated my sore throat.

As an amuse bouche (gift from the kitchen) they brought us  free short rib shots. I though the shot was cold and slimy and contained nauseating mushroom broth and flaccid mushrooms.


Flaccid Flop

The shot was horrible and I feel bad for the people in the restaurant that ate it without tasting it first.  My Dad seemed to enjoy it though.

My brother and dad ordered shrimp tacos. They had been eying this dish while they studied the menu. The tacos contained tender shrimp and was slathered in a warm, tangy orange sauce.


Taco Time

It also contained crunchy, fresh vegetables and was wrapped in a tortilla blanket. My brother and dad loved these tacos and could have kept eating them all night.

For my main meal I ordered a Fearing’s version of  Surf and Turf that I split with my little brother. The Surf and Turf contained succulent, juicy chicken fried lobster, as well as tender, juice-filled bison steak that made warm steak juices drip down your face.


I would surf to get this turf

In addition they served us smooth, velvety mashed potatoes with bright pink pickled onions on top. The meal was great but the lobster was a little on the tough side.

My dad ordered a bone in rib-eye steak that was oozing with warm juices grilled over  mesquite and topped with silky Texas mop sauce. In addition the plate contained, chilled, refreshing cole slaw with a humongous pile of freshly cut fries that were crisped to perfection.



He enjoyed this dish. On the side he ordered a large helping of lightly fried asparagus and moist, surprisingly delicious corn bread pudding.


They look like fried fingers- but taste really good

The asparagus was fantastic and I could keep eating them like potato chips.

My mom had a tender, butter-like Big Eye Tuna Duo with refreshingly light raw tuna.

The main courses were very good, but the dessert was out of this world!  We had buttered popcorn ice cream squeezed in between two strange coca-cola brownies. In addition we had a small bottle of cold, bubbly cream soda.


Special Feature Dessert

The desserts were very yummy and the combinations they put together we incredible.

Overall the food at Fearing’s was extremely appetizing and pleasing. Fearing’s has been consistently voted in the top ten restaurants in the US. The atmosphere of the restaurant was also fantastic. It was quite fancy and the relaxed feel to it created an even better atmosphere. The value of Fearing’s was expensive and I would only recommend it if you are having a night on the town. It is too expensive to eat everyday! The service was out of bounds. The waiters and chefs catered to our every request and tried to make out stay at the restaurant as enjoyable as possible.  I would give Fearing’s ZZZX- 3 3/4 Z’s- Delicious.


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